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Police, Capitol Hill and BLM: a Racist Double Standard?
by Jared Israel

[March 29, 2021, edited April 22, 2021]


Table of Contents

I. Biden claims Capitol Hill debacle exposes ‘systemic’ police racism

II. The media embrace Biden’s double
standard accusation

II.1. Case in Point: NBC’s Joy Reid claims that if the Capitol Hill ‘protesters’ had been from Black Lives Matter (BLM), participants would be “arrested or dead”

II.2. But police did kill one helpless ‘protester’ on Capitol Hill

III. Did police use far more deadly force during BLM ‘protests’ than on Capitol Hill?

III.1. Relatively speaking, police used thousands of times less deadly force during last year’s BLM actions than they did on Capitol Hill

III.2. Police did not use lethal force during BLM ‘protests,’ even when lethal force was directed against them

IV. Were there really no arrests on Capitol Hill?

IV.1. Relatively speaking, police made thousands of times fewer arrests during last year’s BLM actions than on Capitol Hill

IV.2. NBC’s Joy Reid said Capitol Hill police veritably welcomed ‘protesters,’ and did so because the ‘protesters’ were white. But then how did so many policemen get injured?

V. Louisville BLM leader Chanelle Helm says Mr. Biden is quite right.  Case in point: she says it was police who were fiercely violent at the Breonna Taylor protest, May 28, 2020

V.1. The reality was a wee bit different.

VI. In response to anti-motorist violence by ‘protesters,’ police urged drivers to ‘use your best judgment if you are in fear’

VI.1. Peaceful ‘protesters’ threatened motorists, brandishing one or more guns

VII. More peaceful shootings, and, finally, murder

VIII. Then still more shootings, some supposedly accidental...

IX. ...and others most definitely not

X. Main Kentucky paper says: protests “mostly peaceful” until “marred by chaos”

X.1. NBC knew BLM leader Chanelle Helm was lying based on reporting by...NBC


I. Biden claims Capitol Hill debacle exposes ‘systemic’ police racism


On January 7, 2021, Joe Biden made a statement about the debacle the day before on Capitol Hill, intimating that the ‘protesters’ involved had been treated gently, and that this was because they were white:

[Excerpt from Biden speech starts here]

No one can tell me that if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting [sic!] yesterday, they wouldn’t have been treated very, very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the capital. We all know that’s true.

[During the next two sentences, Biden raised his voice and punctuated each word by banging his finger on the table – J.I.] And it is unacceptable. Totally unacceptable.

The American people saw it in plain view. I hope it sensitized them to what we have to do.
[My emphasis – J.I.]

[Excerpt from Biden speech ends here]

Aside from the disjointed wording of Biden’s, “a group of Black Lives Matter protesting,” suggesting as it does that along with ordinary matter, antimatter and dark matter, Biden had discovered yet another form, which he christened ‘Black Lives matter,’ two points struck me about his remarks.

Point One: As all media commentators agree, Biden was accusing American police of having a racist double standard
, letting overwhelmingly white ‘protesters’ engage in mass violence in “an assault on the rule of law like few times we have ever seen it,” as Biden stated in another speech, [2] whereas, in contrast, police would have brutally crushed protesters had they been blacks and their supporters.

But look how he put it:  

“No one can tell me that if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday, they wouldn’t have been treated very, very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the capital.” [My emphasis – J.I.]

“We all know that’s true,” said Biden, presumably because all Americans have witnessed police acting based on this double standard: gentle towards whites on Capitol Hill January 6; violent towards BLM’s peaceful antiracist protests over the past eight months.

But in fact, Americans are sharply divided about what “we all” witnessed these past eight months, so that, absent substantial supporting evidence, Biden’s assertion that ‘police always crush peaceful black or pro-black protesters but coddle white thugs’ is a disputed claim, nothing more.

What Biden’s statement does prove is that he has a racial double standard, since, for Biden, the same act (storming the Capitol) that rendered whites a “mob of thugs” would render blacks and their supporters legitimate protesters.

Point two: Although Biden is claiming police would have been far more violent had they been dealing with blacks, he does not refer to ‘a group of black protesters and their supporters,’ but to “a group of Black Lives Matter [protesters],” thus presenting Black Lives Matter (BLM) as his administration’s designated representative of black America, making it central to “what we have to do” in order to root out what he, agreeing with BLM and other Critical Race theorists, calls “systemic racism.”

Biden’s embrace of BLM may come back to haunt him and Vice President Harris and other Democrats, if BLM’s popularity continues to decline as people become more familiar with its principles, its leaders, and what it has done.


II. The media embrace Biden’s double standard accusation


Given the importance of what the then about-to-be president said, the media should have responded with neutral, in-depth analysis, asking, ‘Is it true that during the past eight months, despite the allegedly peaceful nature of BLM protests, police have always cracked down brutally on BLM, while treating white Capitol ‘protesters’ with tender loving care?’

Instead, the media have uncritically promoted Biden’s double standard claim, in defiance of facts that they themselves had reported before.

For example, the headline of the video of one of the NBC broadcasts discussing the Capitol Hill riot featured NBC commentator Joy Reid saying:

“If This Was [sic!] A BLM Protest, ‘There Would Already Be People Shackled, Arrested or Dead’ ”

For Reid’s accusation to make sense, it would have to be true that Capitol Police killed nobody during the riot.

In fact a policeman did kill one participant: 14-year Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, shooting her in the neck as she was struggling through the broken glass pane in a door. Babbitt was completely helpless; police could have let her get through the glass, which would have put her literally at their feet, and then easily could have arrested her, meaning the shooting amounted to murder.

Were Ms. Reid and NBC staff unaware that police shot Ashli Babbitt dead?  Do they live on a different planet? 

Or did the Babbitt killing contradict Reid’s line that the ‘rioters were welcomed with open arms,’ and therefore had to be erased from the picture?


III. Did police use far more deadly force during BLM ‘protests’ than on Capitol Hill?


In response to my point that police did kill one person on Capitol Hill, Ms. Reid (or President Biden) could argue that, yes, one woman was shot dead – but if this had been a BLM protest, police would have killed many more.

That claim would only make sense if police had indeed killed relatively more people at BLM actions over the past eight months than on Capitol Hill.

Did they?

The New York Times reported on July 3, 2020, that, according to polls, as of the beginning of July:

15 million to 26 million people in the United States have participated in demonstrations over the death of George Floyd and others in recent weeks.” [6]

In contrast, several hundred people – let us say, 400 – took part in the action on Capitol Hill. 

Police killed one person – one helpless person – on Capitol Hill. One in 400.

To support Biden’s claim that police would have treated BLM protesters “
very, very differently,” that is, much more brutally, they would have had to kill –  well, 15 million divided by 400 is 37,500.  So, police would have had to kill many more than 37,500 helpless people.

Even if the Times figures are wildly exaggerated – and I do believe they are – even if, let us say, not 15 million but 2 million took part in BLM actions as of early July, police would have had to kill many more than 5,000 people at those actions in order to exceed their lethal brutality on Capitol Hill.

Let us do a little reality check on that, shall we?

According to the fiercely pro-BLM (London) Guardian newspaper, as of October 31, 2020, police had shot and killed a total of one BLM supporter. And, unlike Ashli Babbitt, he was not helpless and he did indeed pose a threat:

“In Las Vegas, Jorge Gomez was wearing body armor and carrying several guns when he was shot to death by Las Vegas police at a protest in June. Before he was shot, several protesters told Gomez they disapproved of him being armed, and even a journalist questioned him about why he was holding his gun in his hand with his finger on the trigger, the Las Vegas Sun reported.”
[My emphasis – J.I.]

And police had plenty of provocation, because BLM and allied ‘protesters’ were often not only violent, but violent towards them.

Check out the NBC video below, posted in late September, showing ‘protesters’ in Portland, Oregon, throwing Molotov cocktails (gasoline bombs) at police:

The URL of this video is

In case anyone wonders whether the endlessly violent Portland ‘protests’ had anything to do with BLM, a) Portland BLM was indeed involved and b) the Portland violence was uncritically endorsed by the top leadership of BLM in the person of no less than Janaya Khan, the “international ambassador for Black Lives Matter.” [8] (To get a better grasp of how significant Khan’s endorsement is, consider that in private life she is the partner of BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors. [9] )

Throwing Molotov cocktails is attempted murder.

Yet, with gasoline bombs bursting into flame around them, those Portland cops shot nobody. How come? Didn’t anyone tell them they have a racist double standard?

Conclusion: as far as lethal force goes, if police have had a double standard these past eight months, it has been wildly in favor of BLM.


IV. Were there really no arrests on Capitol Hill?


What about Reid’s statement that, “If This Was [sic!] A BLM Protest, ‘There Would Already Be People ...Arrested’ ”?

Wasn’t anybody arrested on Capitol Hill?

According to a news report – from Joy Reid’s own NBC! –  police arrested 75 people involved in the Capitol Hill action, the day it happened.

75 people!

That means, assuming 400 people were involved, that one out of every 5.33333, or 18.75%, of the Capitol Hill
protesters were arrested.

If we accept The New York Times’s minimal estimate of 15 million people involved in BLM protests’ by early July, in order to greatly exceed the percentage of arrests on Capitol Hill, police would have had to arrest many more than 2,812,500 BLM protest’ participants by that time. Many more!

Let me repeat: police would have had to arrest many more than two million, eight hundred and twelve thousand, five hundred BLM ‘protesters!’

So, as far as arrests go, if police have exhibited a double standard, it has been overwhelmingly in favor of BLM.

And the arrests on Capital Hill were not just carried out by local police. 
Federal prosecutors brought charges as well.

At a press conference January 7, 2021, one day after the riot, Michael R. Sherwin, U.S. Attorney for Washington, D.C.:

“responded to criticism of the perception of how the mob scene was handled at the Capitol versus arrests that were made over the summer during Black Lives Matter protests. Sherwin said that during the summer, federal prosecutors processed 174 criminal cases. He said in just one day, his office charged 55 cases and expect more in the coming weeks and months. ‘I just want to give you a comparison to show how seriously we are taking this,’ Sherwin said. ‘I don’t want that to get lost.’ ”
– Washington Post

In her broadcast, Reid claimed police made no effort to stop people from getting into the building, which the ‘protesters’ knew would be the case because:

“White Americans are never afraid of the cops even when they are engaged in trying to occupy our capitol to steal the votes of people who look like me [that is, black – J.I.] because in their minds, they own this country; they own that capitol; they own the cops; the cops work for them.” [12]

And apparently, according to Reid, the cops agree, and therefore did not try to stop them.  Which is a wee bit awkward because, that being the case, who shot Ashli Babbitt? Who arrested 75 people on January 6 alone (and has picked up over 353 alleged participants by now on federal charges)? [13] And how come, according to the Washington Post, on January 6:

“More than 50 D.C. and Capitol Police officers were injured, with several hospitalized, police said.” [14]


That so many policemen were injured makes no sense unless they were fighting to stop a numerically superior force, not coddling those trying to get in, and doing so because they were mostly white.

While Reid was describing an imaginary world in which no light-skinned ‘protester’ got shot, no light-skinned ‘protesters’ got arrested, and no policemen could have gotten injured since they did not resist the people trying to enter the building, other media – for example The New York Times, ABC News, and Fox [15]also pushed the double standard line, but none with more dedicated disregard for facts than NBC

Case in point:


V. Louisville BLM leader Chanelle Helm says Mr. Biden is quite right.  


After Biden’s January 7 statement, NBC interviewed Chanelle Helm, leader of the Louisville, Kentucky chapter of Black Lives Matter, which initiated
‘protests’ over the no-knock shooting of Breonna Taylor.

Referring to the first night of the Breonna Taylor ‘protests,’ Helm told NBC viewers:

That first night, May 28, was extremely violent, and the violence came from the police officers. So watching everything unfold this week was really right on par with how we know police [unintelligible] for black or brown protesters or even the black and brown community. So there really was a difference. I thought it was outlandish or maybe even planned that there wasn’t any direct discipline [of the Capitol Hill ‘protesters’– J.I.].” [My emphasis – J.I.] [16]

So, on May 28, the ‘protest’ in Louisville, Kentucky would have been peaceful had it not been for the police, who were very violent towards the peaceful protesters,’ just because those ‘protesters’ were black and brown, while not even disciplining the whites on Capitol Hill.

Strong support for Biden’s double standard accusation, right?

Not quite.

Here is an excerpt from a New York Times article on what transpired in Louisville on the night of May 28:

[Excerpt from The New York Times starts here]

Seven people were struck by gunfire at a protest in Louisville, Ky., on Thursday night [May 28 –J.I.] as tensions there continued to escalate over the fatal shooting of a black woman by three white police officers in March.

Of those reported injured in the demonstration, two were taken for surgery and five were in good condition, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said early Friday morning. Mr. Fischer said no officers discharged their weapons and that the violence came from within the crowd.

Videos posted on social media appeared to show shots being fired while demonstrators surrounded a police vehicle. No officers were among those injured and it was too early to determine who was responsible, said the Louisville Metro Police Department.
[My emphasis – J.I.]

[Excerpt from The New York Times ends here]

So, other than shooting seven of their own, the ‘protesters’ were mostly peaceful, except of course when they were attacking police, and so on.  As the Courier-Journal, Kentucky’s main newspaper, which is very friendly to BLM, reported:

[Excerpt from Courier-Journal starts here]

At one point, protesters threw things at police officers and kicked a patrol car.

When one officer was surrounded by protesters near Bearno’s by the Bridge, a pizza parlor near the Second Street bridge and the Yum Center, protest organizers stepped in to make sure the officer was not harmed. [The policeman was not beaten let alone killed, so this incident qualifies as peaceful. – J.I.]

Around 11 p.m., a line of officers advanced down East Main Street, dispersing a large crowd. But not long after, hundreds congregated in front of Metro Hall, where a group of protesters had been trying to tip an armored vehicle, breaking its windows and slashing its tires.

Multiple rounds of gunfire then rang out. At least seven injured people, their wounds seeping blood, were seen being carried away on stretchers.

[Excerpt from Courier-Journal ends here]

This was the BLM-led action May 28, in which, according to Helm on NBC, the only violent people were the cops.

In response to what happened that night, did the Louisville city government order police to crack down?

Not at all.

Quite the contrary, the police pampered the ‘protesters,’ letting them set up a tent city in Louisville’s Jefferson Square Park.

Did the BLM-led activists respond by turning peaceful?

Not at all.



VI. In response to anti-motorist violence by ‘protesters,’ police urged drivers to “use your best judgment and try to get out of the situation safely if you’re in fear”


On June 15, the Courier Journal reported:

[Excerpt from Courier-Journal starts here]

Dozens of protesters had blocked Sixth and Jefferson streets earlier in the morning and forced downtown drivers to turn around and find different routes. [Louisville Metro Police Chief Robert – J.I.] Schroeder showed a video later in the afternoon of two cars blocked by protesters that drove through the crowd, each carrying a passenger with them on top of their vehicles as they continued down the street.


One of the drivers was a pregnant woman, [Police Chief – J.I.] Schroeder said. And while motorists passing the demonstrations should be patient and “use your best judgment and try to get out of the situation safely if you’re in fear,” he also asked those in the crowd to help ensure everyone stays out of danger.
[My emphasis – J.I.]

[Excerpt from Courier-Journal ends here]

So, having essentially given the BLMers (including the unapprehended criminal or criminals who had shot seven people!) control of Louisville’s main public park, thereby guaranteeing that many normal Louisville residents would be afraid to use said park, the police maintained public safety on June 15 by advising motorists terrorized by the BLMers to “be patient” and “ ‘try to get out of the situation safely if you’re in fear.’ ”

Words to live by.

Seriously, this leaves one speechless.
The police finally did engage in something approximating police action on June 17, but only after permitting a nightmarish incident to take place that morning:

[Excerpt from Courier-Journal starts here]

According to a police incident report, around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday [June 17 – J.I.], a group of protesters blocked the intersection of Liberty and Sixth streets and would not let the driver, operating a Buick LeSabre, pass.

The driver, whose name was redacted in the report, told police that protesters surrounded her car and “a verbal altercation occurred after which the protesters began to reach into her car, scratching her vehicle window ... and assaulting her, pulling her hair (pulling out a dreadlock).” Police say the driver sustained a minor injury. [So, not to worry. – J.I.]

The report goes on to say that the driver told police that after seeing one of the protesters with a handgun, she was “in fear for her life and drove away from the crowd.” She subsequently hit one of the protesters running toward the vehicle.

The driver then stopped for a red light at the intersection of Liberty and Fifth streets when one of the protesters, Darius Anderson, approached the vehicle with a handgun and pointed it at the driver, according to report. The driver then drove off again.

According to the report, after the incident with the driver, Louisville police officers observed Anderson handing off his handgun to Brioanna Richards, who then hid the weapon in a vehicle “in an attempt to conceal evidence of the crime.” Police then located the vehicle, consent searched it and confiscated the handgun. [Richards and Anderson were both arrested. – J.I.]


This announcement comes after police said Wednesday [June 17 –J.I.] morning’s protest in downtown Louisville led to 17 arrests, five cars towed and one confiscated gun. Police released security camera footage of the car incident and were searching for the driver Wednesday before she came forward.  [My emphasis – J.I.]

xcerpt from Courier-Journal ends here]

Since police did arrest some road-blockers on June 17, it was obviously within their authority to do so, meaning that they must have been ordered not to do so on June 15 and on the morning of the 17th.


VII. More peaceful shootings, and, finally, murder


Despite the use of one gun (and possibly more) by the road-blockers on June 17, which, combined with the shooting of seven ‘protesters’ by other ‘protesters’ on May 28, and the attempt to hide a gun, made it all but certain that ‘protesters’ had other guns hidden away in their tent city in Jefferson Square Park, officials allowed said ‘protesters’ to keep said tent city standing until June 27.

On that day, one Steven Lopez was arrested after shooting one Tyler Gerth, dead.

Both Lopez and Gerth were ‘protesters.’ Lopez had been arrested on June 17 and June 19.  Spectrum News 1, which described Lopez’s arrest record, stated that among his arrests:

[Excerpt from Lopez’s protest-related arrest record starts here]

[On June 17, 2020 -- J.I.] Lopez was arrested on four charges including:

*  Inciting a riot
*  Drug paraphernalia - buy/possess
*  Disorderly conduct, 2nd degree
*  Harassment (physical contact) no injury

Lopez’s next arrest came two days later on June 19, 2020, for two charges:

*  Unlawful assembly
*  Disorderly conduct of the 2nd degree 

[Excerpt from Lopez’s protest-related arrest record ends here]

Below is a picture of  Lopez being arrested, June 17:

The picture caption on the Courier-Journal page reads: “Steven Lopez is arrested on June 17 after an attempt by protesters to block Liberty Street. Lopez was charged with murder on Sunday, June 28, in connection with a fatal shooting Saturday night. -- Pat McDonogh / Courier Journal[22]

Lopez was one of the ‘protesters’ blocking and harassing drivers June 17, hence the arrest for disorderly conduct, harassment and inciting a riot that day.

It is noteworthy that, according to the record of Lopez’s arrests June 17 and 19, as posted on Spectrum News 1, despite having five charges against him, including harassment with touching and inciting a riot, he was released without bail, since he was obviously not a threat to enlightened society. Hence he was free to keep his date with destiny in the BLM tent city in the park, on June 27.

Another ‘protester,’ who described himself as a volunteer security man (that is, he provided security for the tent city), talked about what happened that day.

The security man, with the unusual name Dre Dawson, told NBC-affiliated Wave 3 TV News that, when Lopez came into the park on June 27, his appearance made Dawson wary:

“He’s got on brand new shoes, cargo pants, tank top, brand new bandanna, brand new hat and brand new gun in his waist band,” Dawson said. “Like where did you get that? So, I’m immediately alert.” [23]

Apparently, had Lopez been sporting an old gun, Dawson would not have been roused to alertness.

Anyway, as reported by Wave 3 TV News, shortly after entering the park Lopez started firing the new weapon:

[Excerpt from Wave 3 starts here]

Witnesses said Lopez first fired rounds into the air.

“The crowd fired at Steven,” Dawson said. “That’s when he started firing into the crowd. His first shot hit Tyler [Gerth – J.I.], who was sitting right here.”

Dawson said he and other security personnel were trying to get the crowd to duck and cease fire.

Chris Fox said he was in his car nearby with his wife when he heard the gunshots. He said he first made sure his family was safe and then approached the gunman with his hands up asking him to stop shooting.

“I have my gun in my hand,” Fox explained. “He shoots at us, and that’s when the lady shot him in his leg.” [What lady, I can’t say – J.I.]

After that, Fox and Dawson said they had Lopez at gunpoint. They said he then held up his hands and dropped his weapon. That’s when the two men rushed to subdue him.

“I roll him over, put his hands behind him, subdue him immediately,” Dawson said. “As soon as I put his hands behind him, the crowd starts trying to tear into him. People started trying to kick him in the head, stomp him in the back.”

Dawson said he understood protesters’ actions, but decided to drag Lopez, who had been shot in the leg, away from the area.

“I couldn’t in good conscience allow them to put a man on trial right here in the street,” Dawson said, adding Lopez had already been subdued. [24]

[Excerpt from Wave 3 ends here]

Am I alone in noticing that all these peaceful protesters were armed and regularly threatened to shoot at, or did shoot at, the public and/or each other, sometimes successfully, or failing that, attempted to kick each other to death?

And it is Chanelle Helm, the leader of this bizarre ‘movement,’ whom NBC put on nationwide TV to validate Biden’s charge that police have violently suppressed peace-loving BLM protesters, while coddling Capitol Hill insurrectionists, thus demonstratingin plain view” the meaning of systemic racism.

But I am getting ahead of myself, because the Louisville ‘protester’ shootings did not end June 27.


VIII. Then still more shootings, some supposedly accidental...


On July 25, 2020, three hundred armed members of a black militia called the NFAC converged on Louisville (thereby challenging BLM’s leadership of the local ‘protest’ movement) and, according to ABC News, three more people got shot:

“Three members of an armed militia were shot in an apparent accident at a protest calling for justice for Breonna Taylor in Louisville on Saturday afternoon.

“The three people, all members of the NFAC, suffered non-life threatening injuries, according to the Louisville Metro Police Department. The shooter was also a member of the militia.”



IX. ...others definitely not


On September 23, 2020, amidst ‘protests’ over a grand jury’s decision not to indict any officers for the death of Breonna Taylor, a ‘protester’ named Larynzo Johnson was arrested for shooting two policemen, fortunately not fatally.

Mr. Johnson was initially indicted locally; on December 23, the Justice Department announced an additional, federal charge of civil disorder, since Johnson had shot the policemen in order to prevent them from disbanding a large group of ‘protesters’ who were terrorizing parts of the city, during those moments when they were taking a break from being peaceful, that is. 

According to the Justice Department:

“Police reports throughout that day identified criminal activity, such as, multiple arson attempts at the Hall of Justice and other locations, protestors throwing bottles at police and others, property damage, smashing windows, and shot[s] fired.” [26]



X. Main Kentucky paper says: ‘protests’  “mostly peaceful” until “marred by chaos”


NBC’s broadcast, featuring Chanelle Helm’s claim that the Louisville ‘protesters’ have been peace-loving victims of police terror, typifies much of the media treatment of BLM ‘protests’ around the country.

Case in point, on Saturday, June 27, 2020, after Steven Lopez and various other ‘protesters’ exchanged gunfire, killing one ‘protester,’ following which, you will recall, other ‘protesters’ tried to kick Lopez to death, and so on, the Courier-Journal intoned:

“After a month of mostly peaceful protests over the police shooting of Breonna Taylor, Saturday night was marred by chaos.” [My emphasis – J.I.] [27]

What can one say about a newspaper (the top newspaper in Kentucky, no less) that prints such stuff?

On the one hand, we have the Courier-Journal description of a month that began with ‘protesters’ shooting seven of their own (one critically), and which was punctuated by incidents of armed driver harassment and other crimes, as “mostly peaceful,” until Lopez killed Gerth.

Was it “mostly peaceful” because the ‘protesters’ in the park did not spend all their time shooting people or threatening to do so? Because some of the time they were sleeping? Or reloading?

On the other hand, we have the Courier-Journal statement that “Saturday night [meaning June 27th – J.I.] was marred by chaos.”

‘To mar’ means ‘to spoil.’ So the problem with that night – the murder of Gerth and so on, the wounding of Lopez, the crowd’s attempt to kick Lopez to death – was that it was all done ‘chaotically’?

Perhaps the contending factions should have organized themselves into firing squads?

Everything that happened May 28 and during the following four months in Louisville, Kentucky contradicts Biden’s double standard claim. Rather than being peaceful, the Louisville ‘protesters’ were far more violent than those who invaded Capitol Hill. (Not that Capitol Hill was peaceful, of course.)

And rather than the Louisville police being violently repressive, the fact is that, despite widespread vandalism, attacks and threats of attacks on police, multiple shootings and threats of more, the government allowed ‘protesters’ to take over the main city park for a month, using it as a base for harassing motorists, sometimes with guns.

Unlike Capitol Hill, the police never shot any of the ‘protesters’ in Louisville, not even on September 23, the day a ‘protester’ shot two policemen.

This scenario – BLM or BLM-supporting ‘protesters,’ who, although intermittently violent, sometimes lethally so, were policed with bizarre restraint, if at all – was repeated time and again this past spring, summer and fall. Not all the time, to be sure; but often, and all over the country.

And what are we to say about leading US media such as NBC, which, in order to promote Biden’s double standard myth, broadcast Chanelle Helm’s lie that the BLM ‘protest’ May 28 “was extremely violent, and the violence came from the police officers,” even though, on May 29, NBC itself reported that ‘protesters’ had shot seven of their own the night before?

7 shot during protests in Louisville, police say
At least one person was described as being in critical condition. The shooting did not involve police, but occurred amid protests
-- NBC News, May 29, 2020

NBC even posted a video of the ‘protesters’ trying to turn over a police truck, following which gunfire can be heard, sounding as if it comes from two different guns:

The URL of this video is

-- Jared Israel
Editor, Emperor’s Clothes

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Footnotes and Further Reading


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See: 0:55 to 1:24

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In this speech, Biden named five battles, the fourth being: “The battle to achieve racial justice and root out systemic racism in this country.” [My emphasis – J.I.]

[4] Reading the headline and first two thirds of the USA Today article cited below, one might reasonably assume that in recent months white people’s trust in police has increased by a higher percentage than black people’s, and that black people’s trust in BLM has decreased by a lower percentage than white people’s.

But the opposite is true. 

If one reads about 13 paragraphs into the article, one will discover, that, according to the March 2021 poll the article cites, since last June, regarding the important questions of whether people trust BLM and whether they trust police:

...viewpoints in both demographic groups have moved in the same direction compared with the June 2020 survey. Among Black respondents, trust in Black Lives Matter has fallen by 12 points and trust in local police has risen by 14 points. Among white respondents, trust in Black Lives Matter has fallen by 8 points and trust in local police has risen by 12 points.

So trust in police has risen more percentage-wise among blacks than whites; trust in BLM has fallen more percentage-wise among blacks than whites.

Misleading headlines are important because many people just scan headlines, or the headlines plus the beginnings of articles. 

Here is the headline and link to the story in question:

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Check out the picture of Janaya Khan and Patrisse Cullors that adorns “Rebel Rebel.” Khan (on the left) has a look on her face of such snobbery, communicating such contempt for us scum that it is almost satirical.

[10] The report that 75 people were arrested Jan. 6 on Capitol Hill comes from an NBC story, whose headline is deliberately misleading. The headline reads, “Stun guns, ‘stinger whips’ and a crossbow: What police found on the Capitol protesters.

It should read, ‘What police did not find on the Capitol protesters,’ because, if you read the story carefully, police found a stun gun and a crossbow in a car belonging to someone in the general crowd of Trump supporters in the Capitol area, not among those forcing their way into the Capitol Hill building, and a personal protection device known as a ‘stinger whip’ on someone outside a commercial building on Pennsylvania Avenue.

In other words, NBC wanted to report that the Capitol Hill protesters were armed but could not, so it cooked up a phony headline.  

“Stun guns, ‘stinger whips’ and a crossbow: What police found on the Capitol protesters,” by Rich Schapiro, NBC News, Jan. 12, 2021

[11] “Dozens arrested after mob storms Capitol; officials vow that more will be charged,” by Keith L. Alexander, Spencer S. Hsu and Paul Duggan, Washington Post, Jan. 8, 2021

[12] “Reid: If This Was A BLM Protest, ‘There Would Already Be People Shackled, Arrested Or Dead’ ”
Youtube video of MSNBC broadcast, posted Jan. 7, 2021
3:00 to 3:45

[13] Regarding federal prosecutions, as of April 2, CBS reported it had reviewed 353 federal cases “that have been unsealed.”
See, “What we know about the ‘unprecedented’ Capitol riot arrests,” by Clare Hymes, Cassidy McDonald, Eleanor Watson, CBS, April 2, 2021

[14]  “Dozens arrested after mob storms Capitol; officials vow that more will be charged,” by Keith L. Alexander, Spencer S. Hsu and Paul Duggan, Washington Post, Jan. 8, 2021

[15] New York Times: Racial Double Standard of Capitol Police Draws Outcry – Black Lives Matter activists said the tepid response from law enforcement officers to mostly white protesters stood in stark contrast to the aggressive tactics they have endured for years
by John Eligon, Jan. 7, 2021

Fox 5 DC: BLM protests vs. Capitol riots: Addressing the double standard”

ABC 10
: “Critics call out double standard of police handling of Capitol riot and Black Lives Matter protest” 

[16] “Chanelle Helm responds to Insurrection
Youtube video of MSNBC broadcast, re-posted Jan. 10, 2021
Helm’s remarks can be heard from 1:40 to 2:10

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 [24] ibid.

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[27]  “What we know about Saturday’s fatal shooting at the downtown Louisville protest,” Lucas Aulbach, Louisville Courier Journal, June 28, 2020

[28] “7 shot during protests in Louisville, police say -- At least one person was described as being in critical condition. The shooting did not involve police, but occurred amid protests,” by Phil Helsel and Dennis Romero, NBC News, May 29, 2020


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