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The Vatican and the Policy of Clerical-Fascism

[Updated November 2007]


* “Bizarre Antisemitism from the Croatian Clerical-Fascist Lobby”
 A debate
 [Nov. 16, 2007]

* “Oppose Fascist Rock Star's US Tour with the Truth”
by Jared Israel
[Nov. 3, 2007]

* “‘Slightly Fascist’? The New York Times Prods Croatia. Gently.”
by Jared Israel
This article, dealing in general with the New York Times attempt to set a standard by which criticism of Croatian rock star Thompson would trivialize his clerical-fascism, has a section discussing the Roman Catholic church's failed Thompson concert in May 2007 in Sarajevo.
The full text is at   
The part on church sponsorship is at
[1 August 2007]

* “The Suppressed History of the Holocaust in Croatia”
For the first time on the internet, the full text of Yad Vashem's Encyclopedia of the Holocaust article "Croatia," which the Vatican and US and German governments hope you won't read.
The full text is at  

This article charges the Vatican with supporting the creation of Croatia's World War II Ustasha state and charges the Catholic clergy with playing an “active part” in “murder operations” against Serbs, Jews and 'Gypsies.' That part is at
[1 January 2007]

* “How the Vatican Legitimized the PLO and Coerced Israel to Recognize It”
News reports and a Vatican press release; comments by Jared Israel

Not only did Pope John Paul II politically rescue Yasser Arafat after his disastrous August 1982 defeat in  Lebanon, but in 1994 the PLO was given a special office in the Vatican itself.
Full text at 
Vatican Information Service report at

[17 July 2006]

* “Did the Pope Reject Church Antisemitism?”

Part 1: Mr. Foxman’s Mistake
Written by Jared Israel, edited by Samantha Criscione
[21 April 2005]

Part 2: Mr. Laughland’s Adulation
Written by Jared Israel, edited by Samantha Criscione
[29 April 2005]

Part 3: As Pope flew to Israel, a Top Adviser Attacked the Jews
Written by Jared Israel, edited by Samantha Criscione
[17 May 2005]

* The Pictures Tell the Tale: The Vatican and Nazism in Germany and Croatia
Photo montage & text  by J. Israel
[23 April  update notes
remarkable oversight on the Holocaust, and documents Vatican endorsement of Croatia’s expulsion of Serbs.

* "The Case of Archbishop Stepinac"
How the Catholic Church helped create and govern Nazi Croatia during World War II
Published by the Embassy of Yugoslavia, Washington, 1947

With text and pictures
Text-only version
[2 August 2004]


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