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Evidence that the Supposed Srebrenica Execution Video is a Lie

Part 1 -- What I'll prove and how I'll prove it.

by Jared Israel
s Clothes

[24 June 2005; revised June 1, 2009]


This month quite a few people have written or called concerning Emperor’s Clothes articles refuting the official line on Bosnia.  They want to know if we have changed our stance based on a video shown June 1st, 2005 by prosecutor Jeffrey Nice during the Milosevic trial at The Hague.  This video was introduced virtually unchallenged at The Hague and was subsequently accepted by almost all media as proof that Serbian forces did indeed massacre thousands of Muslims after re-capturing the Bosnian town of Srebrenica in 1995.

One caller was shocked when I told him I thought the video’s execution scene was staged. How could I believe that an official UN body (the Hague Tribunal) would condone fraud?

I argued that, rather than assuming the video was credible because it was screened by a UN organization, we would do better to assess the Tribunal’s credibility by examining the video and evaluating how the Tribunal handled it. Anyway, even if the Tribunal were legitimate, the video would constitute no more than the alleged evidence of one party in a dispute. It would need to be evaluated for authenticity, just like any other supposed evidence. And, said I, if the caller examined the footage he would see why I believe it is fraudulent...

The caller answered that he had read all about the contents of the video in media reports, and anyway, he saw the thing on TV.

But the caller’s trust had been abused.

We will examine the media reports about the video, contrasting them to what is actually seen in the Hague footage. I believe you will agree that the media has put out propaganda, not news, and you will understand more about how the public has been led to believe the Srebrenica massacre story despite the contradictory and absurd nature of the supposed evidence


Contradictions and absurdities


Here are a few examples to whet your appetite.

In a story datelined June 2, (a day after The Hague screening) The Washington Post reported:

“The video begins with a Serb Orthodox priest blessing the camouflaged paramilitary troops in a boot camp in Bosnia...The video was shot by a member of the Scorpions.” [1]

But, as you will see when you study the footage [2], there is no way of knowing where this first sequence was filmed or the identity of the people who appear in it or of the person or persons who did the filming.  The Post neglects to mention this fact.

In the final sequence, it seems that six men get shot.  The Post describes them as “scared Muslims.” But nothing indicates the men’s religion or state of mind.  Indeed, they seem entirely unemotional.

The Los Angeles Times informs us that the video appeared, “As the 10th anniversary of the massacre of more than 7,000 Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica approaches...”  [3]

Meaning that before the video was shown, the existence of a huge massacre at Srebrenica was a proven fact.   

But later in the same article, the LA Times tells us that “The video has been greeted with a mixture of pain and relief by Bosnian Muslims, who see it as long-awaited proof of the [Srebrenica] atrocities.”

Meaning that, before the video was shown, the alleged massacre was not a proven fact. Indeed, this video is what supposedly provided “the long-awaited proof!”

The pretzel-like character of this logic recalls Walter Scott’s wise warning, “Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive!”

But that’s not all. There is nothing in the Hague footage suggesting it was filmed in or near Srebrenica or that it was filmed in July of 1995, when, we are told, the alleged massacre took place. It could have been filmed in the mountains of Iowa.  There are no mountains in Iowa?  No problem; edit them in. You can do anything with film footage. And as for the time period when the supposed execution footage was filmed, there is nothing in it that answers that question. It could have been filmed whenever.  

So we have a video, which is hyped as an example of what happened during a massacre, which we are told definitely occurred, but whose existence was only proven by the appearance of this video, which however contains no indication of when or where it was filmed. Got it?

On June 3rd, 2005 CNN broadcast what they claimed was The Hague footage. (Actually, it had been doctored, which is a case of gilding a lily...) CNN began their broadcast with a written warning, while a voice cautioned, “This report contains graphic content and viewer discretion is advised.” Reuters called the video “gruesome.” Agence France Presse called it “sickening.”

But as you can see [see footnote 2], if the execution sequence were in fact believable, it would be far less gruesome than what we routinely watch on TV news. (For example, there is no blood; no screaming; no evidence that the alleged victims are actually hurt when shot with powerful automatic rifles at close range.) In any case, the execution footage is not believable. It is obviously staged, defying normal logic as well as the laws of physics and biology.

We will see that some news reports supposedly describing the video mention incidents that are not portrayed in the Hague footage!  In other words, the media has made stuff up.

The media’s so-called “information” about when and where the video footage was filmed and the identities of people we see in it, comes from a semi-coherent running commentary delivered by Prosecutor Jeffrey Nice while the footage was being shown at The Hague. Mr. Nice’s comments could have legal standing only if he were an eyewitness to what is supposedly depicted in the video. But he is not. He is a prosecutor in the super-controversial Milosevic trial, and he is trying in that trial to prove the very things that he casually asserts during his commentary on the video, which however provides no evidence to support his assertions. So, more pretzel logic.

We will examine the manner in which Mr. Nice introduced the video, during his cross examination of a defense witness on an issue totally unrelated to the content of the video.

I think you will see that the facts concerning this video and how it was introduced during the Milosevic proceedings support my charge that The Hague Tribunal is not a court at all. Rather it is part of a machine which has targeted the Serbs because, in the words, of former German foreign minister Klaus Kinkel, “Serbia must be forced to its knees!” [4]

I think after studying this material, you will agree that The Hague has, as part of its raison raison d’Ítre, the task of providing the media with anti-Serb propaganda, enhanced with the stamp of UN credibility. 

-- Continued in Part 2 at --

Jared Israel
Editor, Emperor’s Clothes

[Footnotes and Further Reading follows the appeal]


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Footnotes and Further Reading


[1] "Serbs Are Stunned by Video of Srebrenica," The Washington Post, June 3, 2005, Friday, Final Edition, A Section; Page A15, 461 words, by Beti Bilandzic, Reuters, Belgrade, June 2

[2] The footage shown June 1st, 2005 by prosecutor Jeffrey Nice during the Milosevic trial at The Hague can be seen at
This video of the June 1st court session lasts more than five hours. The section in which prosecutor Nice presents clips allegedly showing Bosnian Serbs committing crimes against Bosnian Muslims starts at 2:34:12. To see the video you will need Real Player. If you don’t have it, you can get it for free at

The transcript of the court session can be read at
or on Emperor's Clothes at

[3] "Video Alters Serbs’ View of Bosnian War; A newly disclosed 1995 tape showing a Serbian unit executing Muslim prisoners has forced many to acknowledge atrocities for first time," Los Angeles Times, June 13, 2005 Monday, Home Edition, Main News; Foreign Desk; Part A; Pg. 6, 1970 words, by Alissa J. Rubin, Times Staff Writer, Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina

[4] The Western media often accuses the Serbs of mass paranoia. Studying history is an excellent antidote to this nonsense.  In 1992, the London Guardian, which at that time still sometimes reported some of the truth about Yugoslavia, published an article that discussed the lust of German leaders to get at the Serbs:

“Although [foreign minister Klaus] Kinkel is not ready to go as far as some senior Christian Democrats in urging a military strike against Serbia, he shares their sense of helpless rage at the inability of the EC to undertake concrete measures to ‘force Serbia to its knees”.

-- "Germany Seeks To Assert Itself," by David Gow, Manchester Guardian Weekly; August 2, 1992; Section: Pg. 9; Length: 1052 Words.

In today’s world an effort is sometimes made to soften the way things sound. During World War I less care was taken. The following postcard was circulated on the Austro-Hungarian side:

The German text reads, “Serbia must die!” You may find it hard to believe, but this was the most popular slogan on the German, Austrian, Hungarian side during World War I. And when they said “die” they meant “die”; the Serbs were subjected to horrific atrocities.

Imagine Kinkel’s “helpless rage” that in the 1990s he was forced to maintain appearances by substituting the relatively anemic, “Serbia must be forced to its knees!”

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