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Rescind Marko Perkovic Thompson’s Visa, Senator Evans!

by Jared Israel

[Jan. 1, 2008]


Jan. 1, 2008

From: Jared Israel
Member, International Commission on Jasenovac
Editor, Emperor’s Clothes

To: Senator Chris Evans
Minister for Immigration and Citizenship
Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600

Dear Senator Evans:

I am writing you because your office has, I hope unwittingly, perpetrated a miscarriage of justice, both de jure, in terms of Australian law, and de facto, as regards harmony among peoples, both in Australia and worldwide, the protection of which requires zero tolerance for fascism.

I am referring to your decision to permit the granting of visas to Marko Perkovic Thompson and his associates, enabling them to perform at concerts in Melbourne and Sydney on December 29 and 31, respectively, and, unless you rescind these visas, on January 5 and 6, 2008, in Adelaide and Perth.

In granting Thompson a visa, your office apparently warned him against “vilification” of various groups – his usual targets are Serbs, Jews and ‘non-whites.’ By attaching this unusual qualification, you have implied that, despite granting Thompson a visa, he in fact fails the ‘character test’ for granting visas under the Australian Migration Act of 1958.

Thompson does indeed vilify, but that is not all he does. His music teaches clerical-fascism, the Croatian Ustaša variety, imbuing fascist ideas with the power of rock. His purpose in coming to Australia is, at minimum, to strengthen the clerical-fascist element in the large Croatian-Australian community, which has had a Ustaša problem in the past. Thompson’s presence is therefore a serious danger.

It is in your power to rescind Thompson’s visa, or you may disregard the evidence that follows. In either case you will of necessity take a stand, not only regarding Thompson’s ‘character,’ but your own politics.


Can you rescind Thompson’s visa, even now?
Yes, it is in your power.


Your office approved visas for the Thompson band under the terms of Australia’s Migration Act of 1958, according to which visas can be rescinded if the recipients – for present purposes, only Marko Perkovic Thompson is relevant – fail a “character test.” Here is the relevant part:


Refusal or cancellation of visa on character grounds

Decision of Minister or delegate--natural justice applies

(1) The Minister may refuse to grant a visa to a person if the person does not satisfy the Minister that the person passes the character test.

[Criteria for failing the “character test” are stated in section (6)]

(6) For the purposes of this section, a person does not pass the character test if:

(a) the person has a substantial criminal record (as defined by subsection(7)); or

(b) the person has or has had an association with someone else, or with a group or organisation, whom the Minister reasonably suspects has been or is involved in criminal conduct; or

(c) having regard to either or both of the following:

(i) the person’s past and present criminal conduct;

(ii) the person’s past and present general conduct;

the person is not of good character; or

(d) in the event the person were allowed to enter or to remain in Australia, there is a significant risk that the person would:

(i) engage in criminal conduct in Australia; or

(ii) harass, molest, intimidate or stalk another person in Australia; or

(iii) vilify a segment of the Australian community; or

(iv) incite discord in the Australian community or in a segment of that community; or

(v) represent a danger to the Australian community or to a segment of that community, whether by way of being liable to become involved in activities that are disruptive to, or in violence threatening harm to, that community or segment, or in any other way.

[My emphasis – J.I.]

Posted at


The Thompson band is inherently racist


I am not privy to your office’s deliberations concerning the visas. Apparently you focused on the racist behavior of Thompson and his fans; this because, according to the December 22 Australian, your office has told Thompson that, in coming to Australia, he must not “vilify, incite discord or represent a danger to the community.” The Australian also reported that your office:

“viewed footage of a concert by Perkovic in July in the Croatian capital, Zagreb. The footage shows fans using Nazi salutes and chanting ‘Kill the Serbs.’”

-- “Tour visa for ‘fascist’ rock singer attacked,” by Greg Roberts, The Australian, December 22, 2007,25197,22962054-2702,00.html

Apparently these were two videos featured in the August 1, 2007 article “Slightly Fascist. The New York Times Prods Croatia. Gently,” published by the Emperor’s Clothes web magazine, which I edit.

One of those videos, embedded below, shows fans at Thompson’s June 17, 2007 Zagreb concert practicing the Croatian Ustaša (clerical-fascist) chant “Za dom spremni” (“For home ready”), while more and more members of the immense crowd give the Nazi salute; this before the start of the concert.

If the above ‘embedded’ youtube video doesn’t work or doesn’t show up in your browser, try the direct link,
If the video has been removed from youtube, see footnote [1]

As stated in the July 2, 2007 New York Times, this Ustaša chant and Nazi salute are “routine” at Thompson’s concerts. They are part of Thompson’s signature song, “Čavoglave Battalion.”

Below is a youtube video, filmed at the Melbourne Croatia Soccer Club on May 27, 2005, the last time Thompson was granted a visa for an Australian tour. It shows Thompson singing the “Čavoglave Battalion” song, and you can hear, starting around the 0:40 mark, Thompson and his fans chanting the Ustaša slogan, “Za dom spremni,” and see them giving the Nazi-Ustaša salute.

If the above ‘embedded’ youtube video doesn’t work or doesn’t show up in your browser, try the direct link,
If the video has been removed from youtube, see footnote [1]

The other video posted in the Emperor’s Clothes article, and which your office apparently viewed, shows Thompson fans chanting “Ubij, Ubij, Ubij Serbina,” which means “Kill, kill, kill a Serb.” The video can be accessed at

These videos represent the tip of the iceberg of the Nazi – or, to be more precise, clerical-fascist – behavior inherent in Thompson concerts. For further visual evidence of that behavior, see the photos and text at .

It is apparent from visual evidence that Thompson is not, as some have argued, merely a magnet for neo-Nazis. For one thing, clerical-fascist t-shirts and banners are openly sold at Thompson concerts.

Above, a vendors’ stand at Thompson’s June 17, 2007 concert sells t-shirts with photos of clerical-fascist heroes such as Ante Gotovina, whose career included criminal actions on behalf of the French fascist Le Pen, training of South American right wing death squads (see ), and helping lead the military depopulation of the Serbian Krajina region, adjoining Croatia, a massive crime against humanity. On the lower left of the above photo, one can see part of a banner. A big seller at Thompson concerts, this banner is worth examining. More of it can be seen in the picture below.

The innocent-looking girl in the picture above appears in several media photos taken at Thompson’s June 17 Zagreb concert, always holding the same popular banner. On the top of this banner, not visible in the photo, is the Ustaša slogan, “Za dom spremni,” or “For home ready.” Underneath, is the word “Hrvatska” (“Croatia”) and beneath that, a Serbo-Croatian sentence that translates, “Again, a thick fog will descend.” This refers to Josip Ivankovic’s 1991 song “Spustila se gusta magla,” which translates, “A thick fog descended.” In the song ‘fog’ stands for ‘Croatian Ustaše,’ and the song talks about how, during World War II, the Ustaše descended on Zagreb, where virtually all ‘foreign elements’ were deported to death camps, and on Kupres, where the Ustaše massacred the Serbian residents. I have posted a full translation at

The banner declares, “a thick fog will descend again.” How deceptive is the angelic face of this young girl (shown in another picture below) whose t-shirt celebrates the criminal Gotovina and whose banner promises that more fog will descend.

While authorized vendors sell clerical-fascist T-shirts and banners, fascist organizers work the crowds:

Like some bizarre orchestra leader, this neo-Ustaša organizer directs teenagers practicing clerical-fascist chants and salutes at Thompson’s Zagreb concert, June 17, 2007.

None of this would be possible absent Thompson’s approval and the tolerance – or approval – of Croatian authorities.

However, the fascism of Thompson concerts is not limited to his fans’ organized behavior. It is inherent in his songs. Whether or not Thompson’s fans deck themselves out in fascist symbols, as at Thompson’s Dec. 31, 2007, Sydney concert:

Above I have ‘embedded’ a youtube video from Thompson's 2007 Sydney concert. If it doesn’t work or doesn’t show up in your browser, you can access it at

Posted on youtube under the title “MP [Marko Perkovic – J.I.] THOMPSON CONCERT SYDNEY NYE [i.e., New Year’s Eve – J.I.] 2007,” this was apparently shot with a cellphone camera, so only the still shots are of decent quality. They include:

* At 00:51 – Youths holding a banner with the Ustaša slogan, “U boj, u boj za narod svoj,” which translates, “To battle, to battle for our people.”

* At 00:55 – Youth wearing Ustaša cap; black with Ustaša ‘U.’

* At 01: 21 – Two boys. One on right wears Nazi (Ustaša) medal.

* At 01:48 – Torches burning, as at a Hitlerite Nuremberg rally.

* At 8:42 and 8:47 – Ustaša caps, a bit hard to make out.

Thompson is singing a song about a wandering warrior, far from his blood-soaked home – suggesting the Ustaše who emigrated to Australia after their defeat in World War II? The Serbo-Croatian text with translation is posted at

Whether Thompson concert-goers sport such Nazi emblems or not; whether they give the Nazi salute, as in the Melbourne video from Thompson’s 2005 Australia tour, shown earlier, or alter it, perhaps extending one finger instead of the familiar open hand – regardless, Thompson concerts are clerical-fascist rallies because:


Thompson uses rock music to teach fascism.


As I will demonstrate, in detail, Thompson is, by his own declaration, a singing ambassador of the Croatian Ustaša clerical-fascists. His top hits include:

* 1) The song “Jasenovac and Gradiška Stara,” in which Thompson rejoices over Holocaust mass murder, and declares “I am Ustaša.”

Thompson and his supporters ferociously deny he could ever possibly have sung such a monstrous song – thus admitting it is a marker for fascism. I will provide unquestionable proof that in the past Thompson boasted that he sang this song “everywhere” (his word). Since “Jasenovac” has become an embarrassment for those promoting Thompson worldwide, Thompson apparently no longer sings “Jasenovac” in concerts, but he and his fans do sing it before and after concerts. I will provide video evidence of his fans serenading him with this horrific song in Melbourne in 2005 and Croatia in 2006..

* 2) The song “Alas my people” or “E, moj narode,” title song of Thompson’s 2002 and 2004 albums and of his 2005 Australian tour. Thompson wrote this song, which has the same line as Hitler’s favorite, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” accusing the Jewish people of functioning as a conspiracy, under Satanic guidance, using Masons and Communists to “eliminate” (Thompson’s word) Catholics. The song ends with a call for holy war to “end this misery.”

* 3) The song “Genes of Stone” (“Geni Kameni”), which Thompson wrote and which propagates Mein Kampf’s poisonous lie that the human race is divided, like dog breeds, into distinct sub-races, with so-called ‘white,’ so-called ‘noble-blooded’ Croats, with their own special DNA, walled in at the pinnacle. Explicitly identifying with Croatian Ustaša (clerical-fascists) émigrés (e.g., those who settled in Australia), the song propagates the idea that maintenance of so-called ‘racial purity’ and separation from all things foreign is a requirement for getting to Heaven: so, racist and clericalclerical-fascist. This is a long-term Thompson hit, the title song of his 1996 album. It is apparently always sung at Thompson concerts.

* 4) The song “Čavoglave Battalion,” which Thompson wrote, advocates killing Serbs. It includes the audience-participation chant, “Za dom spremni,” meaning “For home ready,” which was, infamously, the:
“Motto of the Ustaša, implying their willingness to do anything for Croatia: in particular, the massacre of Jews, Communists, and non-Catholics, especially Serbs [and ‘Gypsies!’ – J.I.].”

-- Abraham J. Edelheit and Hershel Edelheit, History of the Holocaust: A Handbook and Dictionary, Westview Press, Boulder, CO, 1994, page 457.

Thompson promotes a return of Australia-based Ustaša terror


In Thompson’s top hit “Geni Kameni ” (“Genes [as in DNA – J.I.] of Stone”), he sings:
“1945 was hard on us,
It scattered us all over the globe”
meaning that, after the Nazi defeat, many publicly identified members of the Ustaša apparatus fled Yugoslavia and were welcomed – outrageously – by Western countries. This welcome was apparently especially warm in Australia, whose government was widely accused of giving the Ustaše financial aid, military training and even supplying them with intelligence. The Australia-based Ustaša organization terrorized antifascists, especially Serbs, but also those of Croatian descent, inside Australia, and attacked Yugoslav targets around the globe. As I am sure you know, it was a Labor Party attorney general who, in 1973, took the perhaps world-unprecedented step of sending Australian police to raid Australia’s own Security Intelligence Organization, which had refused to turn over documents pertaining to alleged sponsorship of the Ustaše. In case members of your staff are too young to remember this incident, I have posted a news report from the New York Times as a jpeg, scanned from the original.

Now, years later, many young Croatian-Australians are the children or grandchildren of these Ustaše, or under their influence. Blending religious fanaticism and violent racism into the Ustaša brew, Thompson incites these young Croatian-Australians with his faux-heroic stance…

In the image, left, from Thompson’s homepage, his trademark crusader’s sword glows in heavenly light, on a background suggesting war. On CD covers the sword is draped in a rosary and cross, red for ‘our savior’s blood.’A call to vengeance. But vengeance for what?
Thompson’s 2002 and 2004 albums and several tours, including his 2005 Australia tour, had as their title song, E, moj narode, or Alas, my people. This song teaches that Jews supposedly conspire under Satanic guidance, using Masons and Communists, to “eliminate Catholics. The line of Hitler's favorite book, The Protocols of Zion. It asks “our Lord to send “another son who, with an “army of the brave will “lead us out of misery because “I cannot and will not go on like this. On the CD cover a St. Benedict’s medal glows on a stern Thompson’s chest. Really, Sen. Evans, isn’t Thompson’s meaning clear?

…incites young Croatian-Australians and propagates his clerical-fascist message with the emotional intensity of rock music, inciting them, aiming to resurrect the Croatian-Australian Ustaša apparatus among a new generation.

In the past, Australia apparently sponsored that apparatus. We cannot undo the past, can we, but we can and do create the future. You have the power to rescind Thompson’s visa, based on the “character test.” I have already provided sufficient information to justify this action.

In the next section of this brief I will provide more information. I will prove that for years – including in 2005 in Australia – Thompson and his fans have sung the “Jasenovac” song, rejoicing in the Holocaust.

Thompson and his aides deny this. But by the very intensity of their denials they confirm that if they are lying – and they are lying – then, by singing this song, Thompson has proved he is not some passionate patriot, not some extreme nationalist, but a propagandist for clerical-fascism. A propagandist for murderous racism.

The second part of this brief will reach you shortly.

Sincerely yours,

Jared Israel
Member, International Commission on Jasenovac
Editor, Emperor’s Clothes


Footnotes and Further Reading


[1] I have made copies of all youtube videos on this page. If any are removed from youtube, then and only then I will upload the copy to the Emperor’s Clothes server and provide a link, to be posted at

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