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Source material and further reading for the article "Vatican Complicity in Yeshiva Murders"

Compiled and written by Jared Israel and Samantha Criscione
Translation of Reichskonkordat text by Samantha Criscione

[The article "Vatican Complicity in Yeshiva Murders" can be read here]

[March 13, 2008]


1. Article by Mark Pelavin, Director of the Commission on Interreligious Affairs of Reform Judaism, on the pope's response

Mark Pelavin's "Some Christian Reactions to Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav Bombing [sic!]" can be read at

In case, hopefully, Mr. Pelavin edits his article, showing the victims the most minimal respect by accurately describing how they were murdered (by 'shooting' not 'bombing'), and reversing his whitewash of the pope's whitewash of terror - in case Mr. Pelavin does the right thing, then, just for the historical record, we have archived his article as it appears Mar. 13, 2008, at

[Note added mar. 18, 2008: I see that as of today Mr. Pelavin has not changed the article, which also includes a link, described as taking one to the "Reform Movement’s statement on the bombing" but which in fact ends in a blank page. Rather disappointing – Jared Israel]


2. The political morality of the Hamas/PLO forces is discernible from what they attack: civilians and civilian housing, schools, work places.

The youtube video below shows what happens when a rocket slams into a factory in the Israeli city of Sderot.

If the youtube video ‘embedded’ above does not work or show up in your browser, try the direct link,
If the video is removed from youtube, we will upload TENC's copy to the Emperor’s Clothes server and provide a link, which will then (and only then) be posted at If the video is removed from youtube and you do not find a new link at please let us know at (for which, thank you), and we will upload our copy and send you the link.


3. Gaza residents celebrate the murder of Jewish students.

For Hamas and the PLO, murdering civilians is the goal, not an unfortunate byproduct of 'military' action. The youtube video below shows some of the thousands celebrating the murder of eight students and wounding of many others March 6 in the library at the Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva (religious school) in Jerusalem.

If the youtube video ‘embedded’ above does not work or show up in your browser, try the direct link,
If the video is removed from youtube, we will upload TENC's copy to the Emperor’s Clothes server and provide a link, which will then (and only then) be posted at If the video is removed from youtube and you do not find a new link at please let us know at (for which, thank you), and we will upload our copy and send you the link.


4. By requiring bishops of the German Catholic church - which previously was sharply divided over Nazism - to swear allegiance to the Nazi state, the Vatican demonstrated the extent of its control of its bishops.

The disciplined character of the Catholic hierarchy is revealed in Article 16 of the
Reichskonkordat (“Concordat between the Holy See and the German Reich”), which was finalized July 20, 1933. Below is Samantha Criscione's English translation of Article 16, followed by the original Vatican text in German and Italian. 
-- Jared Israel

(Samantha Criscione, translator)

[English translation starts here]

Before bishops take possession of their dioceses, they swear an oath of allegiance to the Reichsstatthalter [Governor of the Reich, the representative of Hitler in the Reich provinces, whose task was to guarantee the implementation of Hitler’s political directives – Samantha Criscione] in the regional State concerned, or to the President of the Reich, according to the following formula: 

"Before God and on the Holy Gospels I swear and promise, as becomes a bishop, loyalty to the German Reich and to the [regional] State of [name of state - SC]. I swear and promise to honour the Government formed in accord with the Constitution and to cause my clergy to honour it.

In dutiful solicitude for the welfare and the interest of the German State, I will, while exercising the religious post that has been assigned to me, strive to prevent any harm that could threaten it."

[English translation ends here]



Bevor die Bischöfe von ihrer Diözese Besitz ergreifen, leisten sie in die Hand des Reichsstatthalters in dem zuständigen Lande bzw. des Reichspräsidenten einen Treueid nach folgender Formel: 

"Vor Gott und auf die heiligen Evangelien schwöre und verspreche ich, so wie es einem Bischof geziemt, dem Deutschen Reich und dem Lande .... Treue. Ich schwöre und verspreche, die verfassungsmäßig gebildete Regierung zu achten und von meinem Klerus achten zu lassen. In der pflichtmäßigen Sorge um das Wohl und das Interesse des deutschen Staatswesens werde ich in Ausübung des mir übertragenen geistlichen Amtes jeden Schaden zu verhüten trachten, der es bedrohen könnte." 



I Vescovi, prima di prendere possesso delle loro Diocesi, presteranno nelle mani del Luogotenente del Reich (Reichsstatthalter) nel competente Stato oppure del Presidente del Reich un giuramento di fedeltà secondo la formula seguente:

«Davanti a Dio e sui Santi Vangeli, giuro e prometto, come si conviene ad un Vescovo, fedeltà al Reich Germanico e allo Stato .... Giuro e prometto di rispettare e di far rispettare dal mio clero il Governo stabilito secondo le leggi costituzionali dello Stato. Preoccupandomi, com'è mio dovere, del bene e dell'interesse dello Stato Germanico, cercherò, nell'esercizio del sacro ministero affidatomi, di impedire ogni danno che possa minacciarlo».



5. Comments by German bishops Hanke, Mixa and Meisner, equating Israel and the Nazis

These comments were widely published and broadcast on TV.  The fact that the said German bishops had such catchy (if ugly) remarks ready for journalists, who were perhaps waiting to receive them, more than suggests that the bishops were reciting scripted lines. For a news report published at the time, see "Bishops equate Israel's actions to Holocaust," by Eldad Beck,, March 6, 2007
Posted on at 

Archived for educational purposes at   


6. The God-given right to attack people with scrap metal dipped in rat poison?

The German bishops accused Israel of denying Arabs' humanity - and indeed, of Nazism - for searching Arabs for explosives and hardware (nails, etc.) dipped in rat poison. In making this attack, these bishops denied their own humanity and continued the policies of the German church under Nazism (see #4). Regarding rat poison, see "Family's cheer obliterated in seconds," by Craig Whitlock in Jerusalem, Sydney Morning Herald, April 6, 2002,
Posted on at

Archived for educational purposes at  


7. All refugees may be equal, but those who want to destroy Israel are a lot more equal than others.

"Vatican official says Palestinian refugees have right
to return," International Herald Tribune, based on dispatch from Associated Press, Nov. 28, 2007
Posted on at 

Archived for educational purposes at


8. Ex-Foreign Minister of Croatia describes how pope ordered Croatia to unite with fascist Muslim faction, thus making possible huge attack on the Serbs.


In the BBC Monitoring translation of a Croatian Television interview posted following my remarks, former Croatian foreign minister Granic reports that the Vatican ordered the Croatian-Muslim unity that made possible the genocidal assault on the Krajina region of Yugoslavia. The Vatican never talks about the return of the approximately 300,000 people driven from the Krajina, into refugee status, although this indisputable act of genocide was committed by Croatian officials reportedly operating under its guidance, if not control.


Twice in 1995 - first in May and then on a much larger scale in August - the Croatian army attacked the Krajina region that overlaps the border between Croatia and Bosnia, and that has long been home to very independent-minded Serbs. (They originally settled there as farmer-troops, guarding the border with the Ottoman Empire.) The Croats, led by the US military in the thinly disguised form of 'retired' US top military officers in the private military force, MPRI, expelled the population - over 250,000 Serbian residents and 50,000 pro-Yugoslav Bosnia Muslims who had taken refuge there. 

The precondition for the attack was the unity of Bosnian Muslim extremist forces under Alija Izetbegovic with Croatian forces in Bosnia and Croatia proper. Until the beginning of 1994, such unity was impossible because the Bosnian Croats under Mate Boban were fighting Izetbegovic.  But Boban was forced to stand down in February 1994; the Croats and Muslim extremists became allies; and the Serbs and progressive Muslims were driven into desperate exile.  (Unknown but not small numbers were killed.)

According to most accounts, it was the US that pressured Croatian president Tudjman to get rid of Mate Boban.  But  according to Mate Granic, Croatian foreign minister at the time, the decisive pressure came from the pope.  The US pressure was public but, apparently, the pope's was effective. Granic told Croatian TV that he met with the pope and the Vatican secretary of state on Feb. 1 and 2, 1994; the pope made a general statement about Croatia's "main task" being to end Croatian conflict with the "Bosniaks," meaning Bosnian Muslim extremists, who were fighting against the Serbs and the Bosnian Muslims loyal to Yugoslavia.

The pope's lofty status precludes giving specific orders, so, after making his general point, the pope left the room, and then, with the pope absent, his subordinate, the Vatican secretary of state, gave the specific order: get rid of Mate Boban, the Bosnian Croat who was leading the fight with the Muslim extremists. Former foreign minister Granic reports that Boban stepped down one week later, Feb. 9. 

According to Granic, the Vatican's reason for wanting Boban out was its concern for Vatican-Islamic relations.  Of course, since 'Islam' is not a monolith, and especially not a monolith in Bosnia - Bosnia involved, among other things, a Muslim civil war - this meant 'Vatican-Muslim extremist' relations.

I would guess that the pope said more, but that Granic wanted to to avoid discussing a certain, more important reason for the pope's demand, since discussing it is a no-no on Croatian TV: the need for Croat-'Bosniak' unity in order to launch an effective attack on the Krajina Serbs.  In any case, that is what did happen: the horrific unity was achieved; the horrific attack took place. By mid-August 1995 the entire region of the Serbian Krajina was ghost territory.

It is not often that one sees the Vatican operating behind the scenes; but operate it does. Regarding which, notice that former FM Granic reports that "then mayor of Paris, Jacques Chirac, had to wait 25 minutes for the meeting to end." So there was Chirac, later to be President of France, waiting like a good schoolboy for his own instructional session with the pope. What, I wonder, was his "main task"? Or was he just in the neighborhood, and dropped by to say 'hi pope'?

And what other leaders were waiting there that day? And the next?

-- Jared Israel
Editor, Emperor's Clothes

[Croatian TV report on Vatican orders to Croatian government starts here]

(Note from Jared Israel: The text below is copied exactly from the BBC Monitoring translation. All text in brackets was inserted by the BBC.

The translation is Copyright British Broadcasting Corporation 2004, and is posted here as an historical document, for Fair Use Only. ]

Ex-minister: Bosnian Croat wartime leader sacked after Vatican signal to Zagreb, Copyright 2004 British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC Monitoring Europe - Political Supplied by BBC Worldwide Monitoring, November 24, 2004, Wednesday, 442 words, HRT1 TV, Zagreb, in Croatian 1300 gmt 21 Nov 04

Excerpt from interview with former Croatian foreign minister Mate Granic on "Sunday at Two" programme broadcast by Croatian TV on 21 November

[Presenter Aleksandar Stankovic] Our guest today is former foreign minister Mate Granic. [Passage omitted]

It is not well known, in fact it is completely unknown, that [the late] President [Franjo] Tudjman and you did not reject the demand by the Vatican and the Pope for the sacking of Mate Boban [Bosnian Croat wartime leader]. What can you tell us about this? You had a meeting with the Holy Father.

[Granic] I met the Pope on a number of occasions. The meeting you mentioned was the longest and the most important one. The Holy Father did not mention any names. During the meeting, which lasted 45 minutes, the Holy Father was only interested in the situation in Bosnia, possible solutions, the position of the Catholic Church and religious relations. In conclusion, he said that everything should be done to stop the conflict between the Croats and Bosniaks [Bosnian Muslims]. He said that the conflict was affecting overall Islamic-Catholic relations and that this was our main task and that I should convey this to the president.

[Stankovic] That is what the Holy Father said. However - [interrupted by Granic]

[Granic] That is what the Holy Father said. He did not mention any names, absolutely none. The Holy Father attached great importance to the meeting. The then mayor of Paris, Jacques Chirac, had to wait 25 minutes for the meeting to end because it had been extended by the Holy Father. At a lunch organized by our ambassador to the Vatican during the same visit, I think the dates were 1 and 2 February 1994, Jean-Louis Tauran, the Vatican's foreign minister for many years and my friend - [interrupted by Stankovic].

[Stankovic] What did Tauran tell you?

[Granic] Why are you still holding on to Boban? Are you aware of how harmful he is to Croatia and how harmful he is to Croatia's international reputation? He said many other things and I conveyed them all to the president.

[Stankovic] How did President Tudjman react to the fact that the Vatican was sending him a direct signal to sack Mate Boban?

[Granic] He took it very seriously. He had thought about this before but then he decided it was time for action and he absolutely accepted it. On 9 February, Mr Boban stood down at the assembly in Livno.

[Stankovic] So it could be said that the Vatican's demands brought this about it.
[Granic] Well, it was a suggestion - [interrupted by Stankovic]
[Stankovic] It was the final straw.
[Granic] It was the final straw. [Passage omitted]

Source: HRT1 TV, Zagreb, in Croatian 1300 gmt 21 Nov 04

[Croatian TV report on Vatican orders to Croatian government ends here]


9. Archbishop Weisgerber's attack on Israel

Weisgerber can be heard on a Vatican radio audio file of interviews with Catholic bishops who visited Israel and the disputed territories in January 2008. It is posted at

If you download this file to Windows Media and go to
14:14 you will hear archbishop Weisgerber claiming that Jews treat Arabs as less than human. His evidence consists mainly of things he says Arabs told him. Given that in their propaganda war against Israel, both the PLO/Hamas side, and their Vatican supporters, believe any lie is justified if it furthers their goal, such 'evidence' has zero credibility. Anybody can make up stories about soldiers supposedly taunting Arabs at checkpoints. Even so, some of Weisgerber's alleged examples are patently absurd. Example: his claim that at the checkpoints, Israeli soldiers abuse Arabs by making them wait. Yeah, right, just the way Stop and Shop deliberately abuses me with those long checkout lines, not to mention American Airlines.  They are only looking for bombs in my luggage to make me feel powerless. Hearing this crank-type protest against powerlessness - the anarchism of the irritated - coming out of the mouth of an archbishop of the Catholic church, perhaps the main purveyor of authoritarianism in human history - makes one feel like the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland, after he smokes the pipe.

The key point here is that Weisgerber is not what he and these other Catholic officials claim to be: an impartial observer concerned only with human rights.  (For a member of the Catholic hierarchy, which has been proven guilty of systematic child abuse and the cover-up of child abuse, such that, as a lawyer friend of mine put it, if any other organization did the same thing their assets would be seized, their leaders would be jailed, and they would be closed down - for a member of this hierarchy to talk about human rights is beyond mind boggling.)

Weisgerber is not impartial; he is under the discipline of the Vatican, which has been attacking Israel since it was created and promoting the PLO since at least as far back as 1982, when the pope rescued Arafat from the humiliation of his flight from Lebanon by publicly inviting this 'leader of the oppressed' to visit him in the Vatican. About which, see #14.

Among Weisgerber's 'evidence' of Israeli oppression of Arabs: the high unemployment rate in Ramallah. To which one might reply: if the Arab economy was not organized around destroying Israel, perhaps Jews and Arabs alike could benefit economically (and culturally) from the normal interactions that the PLO and Hamas are dedicated to preventing, with the peace-loving Vatican's great help. 

-- Jared Israel.


10. For Christmas 2007, bishop Michel Sabbah, one of two top papal appointees in 'the holy land,' gave Jews a special present: the right not to have a Jewish home.

Could it be that Sabbah was contradicting Vatican policy? If he was, then, given the immense importance of the Middle East, the Vatican would have corrected him. Not only did they not, but an article reporting his remarks is posted on the website of the Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land, under the heading "Jerusalem's Latin Patriarch Rejects Israel's Jewish [Identity]." 
That article is posted on at  

Archived for educational purposes at   


11. Regarding bishop Sabbah's world-class lie that Israel alone has a state religion

Sabbah is a big supporter of the Palestinian Authority (as is the pope), whose "Amended  Basic Law," can be read at
Archived for educational purposes at

Article 4, which is on page 4, states that "Islam is the official
religion in Palestine" and that "the principles of
Islamic Shari'a [holy law - J.I.] shall be the main source of

So Sabbah objects to state religions? See what I mean about members of the Catholic hierarchy having zero concern for facts, just as long as they attack Israel?

And then of course there is the small matter that Sabbah is a functionary of the Vatican, a state that in itself constitutes the dictatorial leadership of a religion.

(Regarding the Palestinian Authority Basic Law, thanks to GI for his/her analysis at the Camera website.)


12. Regarding St Augustine's strategy of controlled misery for the Jews, the biblical scholar Hyam Maccoby writes: 

[Excerpt from Antisemitism and Modernity starts here]

It took centuries of haranguing by the clergy before the ordinary Christian acquired the hatred of the Jews that later seems to be almost inborn.

Two Christian teachers were especially influential in this respect, St Chrysostom and St Augustine. The diatribes of St Chrysostom against the Jews were rivaled only by Hitler. He accused the Jews of cannibalism and every other crime of deicide. He declared also that the Jews worshipped demons in their synagogues. [From which comes the expression “synagogue of Satan” – Samantha Criscione] St Augustine, the great theorist, laid down the lines for the treatment of the Jews in future centuries. They were to be regarded as Cain, because of their deicide, but, like Cain, they were to be exempt from extermination, as their misery testified to the judgment of God upon them, and so they acted as ‘witnesses’ to the truth of Christianity. This attitude of partial toleration was a kind of protection to the Jews even during the worst persecutions of later years [as opposed, for example, to the Albigensians, who – writes Maccoby at p. 37 – “were exterminated to the last man, woman and child.” – SC].”

--  Hyam Maccoby, Antisemitism and Modernity, London and New York, Routledge, 2006, p. 18.

[Excerpt from Antisemitism and Modernity ends here]

Augustine does this in particular in his work Contra Faustum Manichaeum, (Against Faustus, the Manichean), Book XII, Ch. 9-13.

In this text, Augustine argues that the Jews should be suffered to exist in misery as living proof of the validity of Christian doctrine: 

“That is, It is not as you say, not by bodily death shall the ungodly race of carnal Jews perish. For whoever destroys them in this way shall suffer sevenfold vengeance, that is, shall bring upon himself the sevenfold penalty under which the Jews lie for the crucifixion of Christ. So to the end of the seven days of time, the continued preservation of the Jews will be a proof to believing Christians of the subjection merited by those who, in the pride of their kingdom, put the Lord to death.

-- Samantha Criscione


13. What is it like to be a Serb in NATO-occupied Kosovo?

As three women from the Kosovo city of Orahovac told Emperor's Clothes in 1999, Serbs in that city trusted the NATO-UN promise to guarantee ethnic harmony when they took over. Instead, the invading forces created dystopia, with Kosovo Liberation Army thugs as guarantors of order. Interview is at

Why did about 300,000 people - mostly Serbs, but also tens of thousands of Yugoslav loyalist Albanians, Slavic Muslims, Roma, and most of the small Jewish population - flee Kosovo after NATO arrived? See "Driven From Kosovo!" at
In this 1999 interview, Čedomir Prlinčević, Director of Archives and president of the Jewish Community in Priština, capital of Kosovo, describes how he and his family and many others were driven from Kosovo by Albanian fascists with NATO's approval.


14. See "How the Vatican Legitimized the PLO and Coerced Israel to Recognize It"
Seven documents with analysis by Jared Israel

It is amazing that nobody discusses the Vatican's long
history of a) refusing to recognize Israel, b) strongly supporting the PLO, and this when they were widely condemned as terrorist monsters, c) making Israel's recognition of the PLO the condition for Vatican recognition of Israel's existence as a state
and d) giving the PLO the status of a recognized state, and indeed favored state, with its own office in the Vatican. This is all documented with wire service and Vatican documents in "How the Vatican Legitimized the PLO and
Coerced Israel to Recognize It," at 

-- Jared Israel


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