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In the aftermath of the death of Milosevic, the media is rehashing all the old charges against him - which in effect means, against the Serbian people. Emperor's Clothes has published many articles refuting media misinformation about the Serbs and Yugoslavia. Some of the most important are collected in:
The Break-up of Yugoslavia: Who did what, and to whom?

Regarding the death of Milosevic, here are my immediate comments: Milosevic's death while incarcerated at The Hague - like the deaths of other Serbs before him - is at minimum an outrage. He asked for, and Russia agreed to provide, first rate care for his serious heart condition. The Hague Tribunal demanded special guarantees; the Russian government provided them. Nevertheless, the request was denied, apparently without explanation. Milosevic's lawyer, Mr. Tomanovic, states that Milosevic wrote to the Russian Embassy in The Hague, charging that he was being given dangerous medicines. Even apart from this charge, the denial of medical care constitutes in itself foul play. And The Hague has also denied Milosevic's family's demand that an autopsy be conducted in Russia. Why?

How can a UN organization justify denying medical care to a prisoner, indeed to an elected head of state?  Not to mention to the accused in what was billed as the trial of the century? How, even if he had been guilty as charged? But he was not guilty of war crimes. Despite the media hype, Milosevic was not a war criminal. And despite some of his rhetoric at The Hague, he was also not a heroic opponent of NATO.  In truth, he was an appeaser who tried to curry favor with the West while sometimes talking tough, to the despair of the ordinary people whom he regularly setup and betrayed. The fact that, despite this, The Hague Tribunal, the proclaimed tool of NATO, seized him without concern for mere legality, put him on trial in its bizarrely biased 'court,' and finally killed him, at the very least through criminal negligence, says much about the character of the leaders of the International Community who sponsored the resurgent Croatian, Moslem and Albanian fascists who wrecked havoc on Yugoslavia, followed by massive NATO bombing.

-- Jared Israel
Emperor's Clothes
12 March 2006
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