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Milosevic must dissociate from tainted 'friends'

By Petar Makara (Makarov)
Emperor's Clothes

[Posted 1 September 2004]


I want to commend Jared Israel for calling for the dissolution of Milosevic’s publicity committee, the ICDSM. [1]

As Mr. Israel has said, the ICDSM now grossly misrepresents the Serbian people. We Serbs are proud that we always fought fascism.  But this committee has become tainted with people associated with Nazism and Muslim extremism.  [2]

I know that Mr. Israel played a big role in originally setting up this committee, and I know how many hundreds of hours he has devoted to combating media lies depicting Serbian people as the "new Nazis" including the lies about Milosevic. When I say that Emperor's Clothes has stood alone in Western media telling full truth about Yugoslavia I am only stating a fact.

I want to stress to Serbs that the defense part of this trial, which began yesterday, is of greatest significance to Serbian people. During the past decade and a half that the West attacked Yugoslavia in general and the Serbs in particular, the media has slandered us as Fascists. When Milosevic is charged with genocide, the attack is on Serbian people as a whole.  The real battle is going in the heads of ordinary people in the West, in the court of public opinion. The attempt to defame Milosevic as a Nazi has moral consequences for the Serbs but it also has a material aspect, since the West through its Croatian and Bosnian proxies wishes to impose on Serbian people a draconian punishment, perhaps hundreds of billions of dollars in war reparations, which would ruin many generations of Serbs to come. The ability to carry out this brutal punishment requires further slandering of the Serbs so people in the West will think, "The Serbs are only getting what they deserve."

The defaming of the Serbs is taking place inside The Hague, where it is led by the prosecution. We must defend Milosevic against this attack because whatever we think of Milosevic, the charges against him are grotesque lies intended to smear the reputation of all Serbs. But the attack is also coming from Milosevic's own publicity work. Some of its most visible members are accurately perceived as associated with antisemitism, Muslim extremism, even outright Nazism.  This makes it easy for the media to falsely portray Serbian people.

The Milosevic committee held a press conference recently to publicize a lawyers' petition defending Milosevic's right to act as his own counsel. The press conference featured former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark. Afterwards the Associated Press wrote a dispatch  which included this:

"The jurists, law professors and international criminal lawyers - including former U.S. attorney general Ramsey Clark and French lawyer Jacques Verges - said in the petition to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, the General Assembly and the Security Council, 'Even if Milosevic has heart trouble he still has the right to defend himself.'"
--AP, 17 August 2004 [3]

Ramsey Clark and Jacques Verges have political ties to Nazism, past and present. [2]

The example of Jacques Verges is maybe the most obvious. Once he championed Klaus Barbie, the infamous Nazi Butcher of Lyon; now he says he wants to defend Saddam Hussein, a butcher and a Fascist. And when the media mentions Verges (which is often, because he is infamous) they always make sure to say he is helping Slobodan Milosevic. So he is presented as defending Barbie, the real Butcher of Lyon, and Milosevic, falsely accused of being Butcher of the Balkans. 

That is exactly how the press writes it up: Jacques Verges, lawyer for Klaus Barbie, Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic.

How can anyone justify being connected to someone with the reputation of Verges?  And right now, just as the trial begins, the newspapers are reporting that Ramsey Clark is trying to defend Saddam Hussein.  How dumb would one have to be not to realize what is happening here?  Right away people are being conditioned to view Milosevic as butcher and Nazi, and the Serbian people along with him.

Milosevic is the easiest person to defend against the charge of Nazism. A Nazi is a fanatic racist who fights to the death.  Milosevic was never a racist.  Serbia - the state - was always the only truly multiethnic Republic in Yugoslavia.  It remains so to this day. In my home town, Pancevo, there are street signs and court proceedings in the languages even of minor nationalities, which Americans have never even heard of.  And Milosevic was the furthest thing from a Nazi warmonger. His slogan was always, "Peace is priceless."

Serbian people are fully aware of the events over the past decade and a half and the consequences of Milosevic's reactions or lack of reactions. To say he was not a war monger is to put it mildly. I will not go into detail concerning how Serbs feel about these past events, because we need now to focus on the present.  The stakes involved in Milosevic's publicity are very high. If media can use his own publicity committee to link Milosevic with apologists for Nazis and Muslim fanatics, it effects the future of our grandchildren.  For this reason, how Milosevic deals with this false public association of Serbian people with Fascists - the Serbs' worst enemies - will determine how Milosevic is viewed by Serbs for hundreds of years to come. 

It is very easy for Milosevic to solve this.  He can make some remarks during Hague proceedings before they silence him.  He can say: "This Verges and Ramsey Clark have nothing to do with me.  I reject their Nazi and Muslim extremist connections 100%."

This must be done publicly because the association is now very public. I know that Jared Israel has presented all the facts to Milosevic, so what can be the excuse for Milosevic not to do this?

One could say this is Milosevic's last chance.  In a few words, by rejecting "help" from Fascists, he can derail the attempt to publicly associate his defense with Fascism.  History will remember him by what he does now.

-- Petar Makara
Emperor's Clothes

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