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* Iraq & Iran
Antisemitism & Arab-Israeli Conflict
* Yugoslavia

* The Vatican's War Against  Jews and Serbs

The media “justified” NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 with images of Albanians supposedly driven out by Serbs. Opponents of the war said no, they were fleeing NATO bombs. Both sides were wrong.

How NATO Staged Albanians’ Flight during 1999 Bombing
This interview with the leading historian of Kosovo is the most important article we ever published about Yugoslavia. It helps explain what is happening in the West Bank and Gaza, in Chechnya, and in other so-called trouble spots.
[Posted 7 February 2000; re-posted 24 March 2004]

CARE Spied for NATO: Perfect Symbol for a ‘Humanitarian’ War
[Posted 7 February 2000; updated 24 March 2004]

Why French Troops Stood By as Albanian Terrorists Burned a Serbian Village to the Ground
Dispatch from Agence France Presse 21 March
Comments by Jared Israel

[Posted 21 March 2004]

Procitajte ovaj tekst na srpsko-hrvatskom

Since NATO and the UN took over Kosovo in 1999, Serbs, ‘Gypsies’ and other non-Albanians have suffered a regime of constant terror.  Now Albanian fascists have begun all out attack.

March 18th in Kosovo: Anti-Serbian Bombings, Torchings, Ethnic Cleansing
[Posted 19 March 2004]
More to follow shortly

Like anti-Jewish pogromists in the old Russian Empire, Albanian fascists were never an independent force. Two years ago we documented NATO/UN sponsorship of the same Albanian terrorists who this week launched a massive pogrom against the Serbian people still living in Kosovo.

Stranger than Fiction: NATO and the US (and the UN!) Sponsor Terror in Kosovo and Macedonia
[Posted 17 January 2002; re-posted 19 March 2004]

In 1948, the Left-wing Nation magazine exposed British support/instigation of Arab violence aimed at crushing Israel in cradle

The British Record on Partition
(First part of the article)
Reprinted from The Nation, May 8, 1948
[Posted 9 March 2004]
According to current Left dogma Israel was created as an outpost of Western colonialism to crush anti-colonial Arabs.  But in 1948 the Left proved the exact opposite. This is the start of an EC project, bringing to light suppressed  documents that challenge current beliefs about this key period in Arab-Israeli relations, 1947-1949.
Comments by Jared Israel
Typists needed to get revealing documents online!

A 1999 press conference meant to prove NATO had not bombed a column of Albanian refugees turns into a disaster...

How the Pentagon Unwittingly Admitted NATO Leaders are Guilty of War Crimes Against Yugoslavia
Excerpt from Pentagon Press Conference, 14 April 1999
Comments by Jared Israel
[Posted 30 January 2004]

Is it Antisemitic to Criticize Israel? Is Israel an Apartheid State?
by Jared Israel
[Posted 27 January 2004]

In 1983 US Recruitment of Nazis Exploded in Public Over the Klaus Barbie Affair...

...So U.S. Intelligence Took Charge of Investigating the Recruitment of Nazis by...U.S. Intelligence!
This is part 2 of the series titled The US Recreated the Nazi War Crimes Machine
by Jared Israel
[Posted 13 January 2004]

The AP dispatch posted below was apparently suppressed in 1983. It is source material for Part 2.

Barbie Associates Arrested as Members of Death Squad by Peter McFarren; Associated Press; February 25, 1983

The US Recreated the Nazi War Crimes Machine by Jared Israel

US Intelligence was Formed from Nazi War Criminals
Part 1: Primed not to hear
[Posted 4 January 2004]

Part 2: In 1983 U.S. Intelligence Took Charge of Investigating the Recruitment of Nazis by...U.S. Intelligence
[Posted 13 January 2004]

The Destruction of the Churches of Kosovo
Pictures of a nightmare brought to us by NATO and the UN.

Comments by Jared Israel
[Posted 25 December 2003]

Brit Reporters Buy Deadly Load of Explosives from KLA Terrorists... But it was NATO and the UN who groomed those terrorists and put them in power!
Article from Sunday Mirror
Comments by Jared Israel
[Posted 10 December 2003]

Tidal wave of antisemitism: are we in 1931?

* Censored EU Report on Antisemitism - Data on 14 European Countries
[8 December 2003]

[Large file: takes longer than usual to load...]

This report is much more serious than we thought based on the Financial Times article. First, the antisemitic attacks go way beyond immigrant Muslim communities. They are being incited by the ‘respectable’ press with, for example, Israel-as-crucifier attacks in Aftonbladet in Sweden and La Stampa in Italy. After being suppressed, the Report was grudgingly released by the EU, complete with three mind-numbing introductions.  The important part is the information about what’s happening in 14 European countries, so we’ve set up that section (most of the report and all the information) as one large file. We want very much to distribute this and some of our own texts on antisemitism in French, Italian, Polish, Russian, other languages. (Our archives are stronger in German, but there too...) Ideas?

Did Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir push the boundary of  ‘acceptable’ discourse to the Hitlerian extreme? 

Reader says Jared Israel Quoted Mahathir ‘Out of Context’
Jared Israel replies
This argument is no quibble. The EC editor argues that Mahathir’s speech was intended to make political antisemitism legitimate.  His opponent argues that Mahathir wasn’t expressing bigotry at all; in other words, that what he said *is* legitimate.
- John Flaherty

Footnote added with text concerning Mahathir’s marriage of antisemitism and anti-Chinese racism in Malaysia.
[5 December 2003]

Who is Mahathir, former Prime Minister of Malaysia? Hint: Not just an anti-Semite

April 1999: Mahathir tells NATO to Invade Kosovo
Comment by Jared Israel
[1 December 2003]

Text of Financial Times article charging that the EU suppressed a report on antisemitism with EC Editor’s comments

What do the European Union, George W. Bush and Malaysian ex-PM Mahathir have in common?
(Could it be they’re all pushing the politics of anti-Semitism?)

by Jared Israel
[Posted 26 November 2003]

Please note: Jared Israel wrote new material after receiving thought-provoking comments from readers in Germany and Australia. The link above includes the additions. If you’d like to be able to see what’s new, I’ve posted the text with the new material highlighted at:
 -- John Flaherty

Well-known leftist scholar explains the errors in the anti-Israel world-view he helped popularize

Nathan Weinstock on Marx, the Arab-Jewish Conflict and Lazy Thinking
Translated from the French by Colin Meade
Comment by Jared Israel

[9 November 2003]

What U.S. policy in Bosnia meant for one of the Muslim families the U.S. was ‘helping’...

Everything is Lost: A Mother’s Story
Interview in the Bosnian newsweekly, Dani
Comments by Jared Israel
[28 October 2003]

BBC Interview with Jared Israel
Audio file
[Posted 29 August 2003]

Did Ramsey Clark Help Milosevic?

Part 1: Why did Ramsey Rush to Belgrade?
In response to readers’ questions, EC editors analyze information almost nobody knows.
by Jared Israel and Nico Varkevisser
[Posted 11 October 2003]

Da li je Remzi Klark pomagao Milosevicu?
Deo 1: Zasto je Remzi pohitao u Beograd?

The Krsljanin Tapes Part 1: Conversation of 30th May
* Comments by Jared Israel and Nico Varkevisser
* Audio File and Transcript 

[Posted 29 September 2003; Jared Israel’s comments revised 11 PM ET Sept. 30th]]

In response to a campaign of slander by people working with former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, which has paralyzed the Milosevic defense campaign, Emperor’s Clothes releases this audio tape and transcript making clear who is lying and who is telling the truth.
Razgovori Krsljaninom, Deo Prvi

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