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A revealing CIA document on the IHH, which led the Gaza flotilla

I. CIA document reveals IHH started operations with terror against Yugoslavia

II. The CIA document

[June 6, 2010]


I.  A revealing document

The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC) is a useful source of information on Turkey's "Humanitarian Relief Fund" or IHH, the group that owns the ship called "Mavi Marmara" and ran the Gaza flotilla operation.  The link to one of the ITIC reports is no longer working; we don't know why, but whatever the reason, the report in question is important because it includes a scan from a 1996 CIA document stating that the IHH had regional offices in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and in Zagreb, capital of Croatia in the 1990s, where it was "linked to Iranian operatives" and played an activ+e role in aiding "terrorist" forces, who were involved (and this is TENC's point, not the CIA's) in destroying Yugoslavia. TENC has archived the ITIC page in question; it can be accessed at  The CIA document is at the bottom of the page, and it is also posted below.

Since the IHH claims to be a Muslim charity, but actually coordinates Muslim extremist terrorists, and since the Sarajevo so-called 'government' of Izetbegovic was a font of Muslim extremism, Sarajevo was a logical headquarters for the IHH in Bosnia.

According to the scan from the CIA document (which again, is at the bottom of this page), the IHH Sarajevo office worked closely with the clerical fascist regime in Iran (IR). The IR played a major role in Yugoslavia, helping to supply and coordinate the importation of military supplies and mujahedeen for the Izetbegovic 'government' and advising Izetbegovic, and cozying up to the Milosevic government in Belgrade, influencing Milosevic against the Bosnian and Krajina Serbs. And today the IHH is in the IR orbit, witness the facts that a) Hamas, benefactor of the Gaza flotilla, is an IR protťgť, and b) Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, who sponsored the flotilla, is an IR ally.

So it made sense for the IHH to have offices in Sarajevo . But why in Zagreb, which is not part of Bosnia?

Possibly the IHH needed those offices because the key coordinator (that is, the key coordinator within Yugoslavia) of the attack on the Bosnian Serbs and the Bosnian Muslims loyal to Yugoslavia was not, as some argue, the Izetbegovic government in Sarajevo. Rather, it was the Tudjman government in Croatia, a cat's paw of the Vatican.  A section of the Muslims in Bosnia joined the attack on the Serbs and Yugoslavia, but the attack was initiated and in the last analysis determined by Croatia.

As supported by a TV interview with Tudjman's foreign minister, in 1994 it was the Vatican that ordered Croatia to end a period of Croatian-Muslim fighting in Bosnia, and, uniting with the Islamist-led Muslims, together crush the Serbs (and Yugoslav-loyal Muslims.)  That was in the beginning of February 1994. A week later, on February 9, Croatia forced a change in the  Bosnian Croat leadership, following which both groups of Bosnian clerical fascists -- the Muslim and Catholic varieties -- united, making possible the 1995 Croatian invasions that destroyed the Republic of Serbian Krajina. This was perhaps the most important event in the Yugoslav war. The Croats drove out over 250,000 Serbs and about 50,000 Muslims loyal to Yugoslavia who had taken refuge in the Krajina. This catastrophic defeat, coupled with the spectacle of Milosevic refusing to defend the Krajina Serbs, convinced the leaders of Republika Srpska, the Bosnian Serb republic, to accept the creation of a united Bosnia, under Muslim-Croat domination, as the West and Milosevic demanded.

The former Croatian foreign minister's statement can be read here.

-- Jared Israel
Emperor's Clothes


II.  CIA document, as posted by the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC).  (The Google cache of the ITIC report in question is archived at )


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