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  The Trail of Tears
by Jared Israel

[Posted 2 August 2004]

The photograph below shows the Serbian families, mainly farmers, who fled the Croatian invasion of the Serbian Krajina that began 4 August 1995. Croatian forces were led by 'retired' US officers from MPRI, a corporation set up as a private-sector agency of the US military and State Department. [1]

The invasion took place on US orders the day after Croatian Television announced that, according to US Ambassador to Croatia Peter Galbraith, the Krajina Serbs had given in to Croatian demands. (The Krajina Serbs gave in on the 2nd of August; the invasion began on the 4th.)

It appears that Galbraith's last-minute negotiation was a trick. He got Krajina Serb officials to publicly concede defeat and he got the Yugoslav government to assert - or reassert - that Yugoslavia would not send its army to Krajina to defend the Serbs. The surrender news was publicized, destroying the Krajina Serb troops' will to fight and giving Croatian forces full confidence that an invasion of the logistically difficult terrain in the Krajina would be easy. That accomplished, Galbraith double-crossed his negotiating partners, ordering Croatian President Tudjman to invade.

The US role was horrific, but events leading up to the Croat invasion also raise questions about the actions of the Yugoslav and Serbian governments regarding the Krajina Serbs. Did these governments do everything they could to protect the Krajina or is there truth to the charge, raised by many, that the Krajina Serbs were betrayed? Hopefully Mr. Milosevic will clarify his own role, which has been much-attacked among Serbs, if and when he is permitted to conduct his own defense at The Hague. I will post various documents and news reports dealing with these matters. It is crucial that the issues be clarified.

(Please keep in mind that the Serbian critics of Mr. Milosevic about whom I am speaking do not attack him for supposed war crimes; they charge him with appeasement or worse. Such criticisms, whether right or wrong, obviously do not support the charges brought by The Hague Tribunal. Based on research, not preconceived notions, I am convinced those charges - The Hague's - are false. [2]

It is perhaps a clever political tactic to take a man whom many if not most Serbs regard as a sellout, and falsely accuse him of war crimes, knowing that many Serbs will adopt a "curse on both your houses" approach toward The Hague proceedings. In my opinion, and the opinion of Emperor's Clothes editor Petar Makara, who is one of Milosevic's toughest Serbian critics, this is a big error for the Serbs because it is not only Milosevic, it is the Serbs' reputation which NATO has put on trial at The Hague. The issue is: who is at fault for the breakup of Yugoslavia? NATO and its Clerical-Fascist and Islamist proxy forces? Or the Serbs? Who is at fault and who should pay - in every sense of the word....)  [3] and [4]

Though a US ally, the UK felt it necessary to distance itself from the grisly and unprovoked Croatian onslaught, which virtually emptied the Krajina of 250,000 Serbs, leaving only some old people whom the Croats finished off without a second thought. But US Ambassador to Croatia Peter Galbraith denied 'ethnic cleansing' had taken place. Apparently 'ethnic cleansing' only happens when the victims are not Serbs.

The Clinton administration was shameless: [5]

[Report from Xinhua News Agency starts here]

"The United States rejected today Britain's accusation of 'ethnic cleansing' by Croatia as tens of thousands of Serb refugees were fleeing the Krajina region of Croatia following its capture by Croatian forces. Almost 250,000 Krajina Serbs are reported to have crossed into Serb-held territory in Bosnia. Croatia announced on Monday that it had won back control of Krajina region seized by the Croatian Serbs since 1991. ["Seized"? The Serbs had lived in the Krajina for 500 years. Will the Dutch seize Amsterdam? - Jared Israel] British Defense Secretary Michael Portals said on Monday that Croatia's weekend offensive on Krajina had driven people from their homes and 'that amounts to ethnic cleansing'. But the U.S. Ambassador to Croatia Peter Galbraith defended the Croatian offensive, saying it might in fact provide an opportunity to reach a negotiated settlement on a fair basis. [Galbraith conveniently forgot that he had obtained an agreement of surrender two days prior to the onslaught] Britain has expressed support for Russia's initiative that Presidents Milosevic of Serbia and Tudjman of Croatia would be invited to attend peace negotiations in Moscow." [In other words, now that 250,000 annoying Serbian civilians had been driven out or murdered there could be peace. -- EC]

[Report from Xinhua News Agency ends here]

From 1990 to 1995 the Krajina Serbs resisted domination by secessionist Croatia. Why were they so opposed to living under Croat rule? To help you to understand, I suggest you read a report issued by Yugoslavia's Washington Embassy in 1947. Written in reply to people attacking Yugoslavia for putting Catholic Archbishop Stepinac (from Croatia, one of the Yugoslav Republics) on trial, the pamphlet explains what happened under the Clerical-Fascist regime that ran Croatia during World War II. You can access the report with photos at 
For the text of the report with no photos, please go to

The picture of the Serbian exodus is below. 

-- Jared Israel, Editor
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Footnotes & Further Reading


[1] MPRI is a semiprivate wing of the US military-intelligence apparatus, operating with State Department approval. The MPRI website is at 
A key person in MPRI's Yugoslavia operation in the mid 1990s, when MPRI trained the Croatian army and planned and led the Krajina invasion, was Gen. Carl Vuono. A few years later, in 2001, the State Department posted a web page discussion Vuono's leadership role in MPRI. (He was then MPRI's president) The State Department web page described him as: "Former U.S. Army chief of staff General Carl Vuono, the soldier who has been credited with helping revitalize the U.S. Army after the War in Vietnam..." 
Can anyone believe that when the top man in the US Army - Vuono was also in charge of Desert Storm! - 'retires' and then immediately goes to work doing the same things he was doing before he 'retired,' and doing them in a crisis-area, such as Yugoslavia, and doing them with State Department approval, that they are functioning only as private sector consultants?

[2] For articles featuring the results of our research on Yugoslavia, please go to

[3] Regarding the supposed judicial independence of The Hague Tribunal, see "Official Statements Prove Hague 'Tribunal' Belongs to NATO," at

Regarding the charge that in Bosnia the U.S. backed Islamists, I have posted the full text of then U.S. Ambassador to Yugoslavia Warren Zimmermann's interview with the Croatian newspaper, Danas, in January of 1992, while George Bush, Sr. was still US president.  In the interview, conducted before the outbreak of fighting in Yugoslavia, the Ambassador makes clear that the US is sponsoring the aggressive Islamist, Alija Izetbegovic.

The Western media was fully aware that the US-backed Alija Izetbegovic was not the leader of moderate Muslims, but a diehard Islamist.  This was clear from a few newspaper articles that told at least part of the truth.  One such is a New York Times piece reporting the fanatically Muslim election campaign that Izetbegovic conducted following the sign the Dayton Accords. After ,

[4] To understand why Krajina Serbs refused to be ruled by a Croatian
government, particularly one that emulated the Ustashe-run Croatia of World War II, see
"The Case of Archbishop Stepinac: How the Catholic Church helped create and govern Nazi Croatia during World War II."

You can access this report, which was issued by Yugoslavia's Washington Embassy in 1947, with photos, at 
or without photos at
To download it in Microsoft word, suitable for printing as a booklet for use in schools, etc., go to 

[5]  The Xinhua News Agency.; August 8, 1995, Tuesday; Length: 159 Words; Headline: US Rejects British Criticism Of Croatia; Dateline: London, August 8; Item No: 0808274; Copyright 1991 The British Broadcasting Corporation; BBC Summary of World Broadcasts; November 5, 1991, Tuesday; Section: Part 2 Eastern Europe; B. Internal Affairs; Yugoslavia; Ee/1221/B/ 1; Length: 135 Words; Headline: Serbs Flee From Western Slavonia As Croats Said To Be Setting Up ''Work-Camps''; Source: (A) Radio Belgrade 1400 Gmt 3 Nov 91; Excerpts From Report By Branislav Bozic

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