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Why BP should be allowed no role in the response to its disaster

[July 11, 2010]


Brilliantly explaining the causes of the horrific 2005 explosion in BP's Texas City refinery, the first two thirds of this video presents evidence supporting the conclusion that lethal so-called accidents don't indicate that BP managers are deviating from BP's operating strategy, but that they are loyally carrying it out. As shown in Congressman Henry Waxman's letter to BP CEO Hayward, and the Waxman-Stupak hearings (links to both here), BP maximizes profits by systematically violating human and environmental safety. The video deteriorates in the last third and ends with a sad attempt to praise BP as having changed.  In 2009, one year after it was produced, BP got the largest fines of any company ever for not making good on ending safety violations at Texas City, and for adding hundreds of new ones.

-- Jared Israel
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