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Bizarre Antisemitism from the Croatian Clerical-Fascist Lobby
A debate

[Nov. 16, 2007]

Note added 12/15/07: If you came to this page from a discussion of Thompson's upcoming Australian tour and are looking for the full text of "Alas my people" ("E moj narode"), it is posted at


Dear readers,

We at Emperor's Clothes have been doing our best on the Internet to expose the fascism of Croatian rock star Marko Perkovic Thompson's North American concert tour, with some effect. (If you don't know about the tour, you might want to first read "Oppose Fascist Rock Star’s US Tour with the Truth," at )

One of our Internet battles has been on the news/discussion website, which seems to have a lot of readers in the Cleveland area. (Thompson sang in Cleveland Nov. 9 despite the fact that his original concert location canceled the date after Ohio Sen. Voinovich condemned Thompson.)

Below is an attack on me, posted on, written by one 'Marija,' who is perhaps Marija Blazanin, Thompson's tour organizer. The Thompson apologists were upset that a) I had posted the text of Thompson's "Alas my people," in which he sings about Satanic Jews plotting to "eliminate" Christians and calls for holy war and b) I had asked why the Catholic church, both in Croatia and the U.S., was sponsoring Thompson.  (That is the basis for Marija's claim that I am trying to destroy the Catholic church.)

Following Marija's attack and my answer, I have posted a Youtube video of Thompson singing "Alas my people" in Cleveland, complete with a 3 or 4 year-old child wearing a Croatian Ustasha cap.

Don't forget to read her postscript. It is remarkable.

Best regards,
Jared Israel


Jared Israel [That is her title - J.I.]
Submitted by Guest Marija (not verified) on November 15, 2007 - 11:20am.


Thank you Mr. Jarred* for your honest admission that so after all this hate mongering against Mr. Perkovic, and Croatia, your real agenda is to destroy the CHURCH.

I have news for you, CHURCH is stronger than ever. BOTH, Catholic and Orthodox Church are uniting and I believe very soon you will need to look for a DAY JOB.

* I could not address you with your last name because I hold ISRAEL very dear to my heart and can not allow it to be mixed up with your hate mongering. It is sacrilegious and insulting to all hard working and God loving Israelis. It is people like you that are creating the distances between the people, nations and we can not allow that. Is Israel your real name? Who is hiding behind that to us so holy name?

In closing may I take this opportunity to wish all Americans of goodwill, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
Never forget that life is a special and very precious GIFT from God and should be lived and guarded as such. The life that knows only LOVE.

May God’s blessing follow everyone on their path to better life.


On another note:
To know about Mr. Jarred and get the true picture you may go to Google and you will find out that he is fervent propaganda machine for Serbian political agenda. It was people like him that high jacked Croatian past and now is desperately trying to high jack present history.

What is keeping them together so close, perhaps the MONEY or the LIES from the past?

I urge everyone to look closely to different lobbies in different governments that are so strong, ARE THEY good for your government, for your people or do you have to thank to their false, purposely false interpretation that the AMERICAN people and the WORLD find themselves in at the present. We live in very dangerous times and may God help us all.

God bless,


Some Truly Bizarre Anti-Semitism from the Clerical-Fascist Lobby


Marija’s post, just above, is an overabundance, like a plate with too much food. One hardly knows where to start.

For one thing, she asserts her undying love for Israel. But then in her postscript she suggests I am working for unnamed lobbies. She tells Americans to "look closely to different lobbies in different governments that are so strong, ARE THEY good for your government."

So, I work for foreign lobbies, plural, and Americans should beware of those lobbies – but which ones? China? France? Luxembourg? Monaco? Who? She doesn’t say.

When people refer with a knowing wink to unnamed, evil foreign lobbies unduly influencing America they always (from Ralph Nader to David Duke) mean Israel which, Nader and Duke and Buchanan have ludicrously charged, controls Congress. (Which is odd, since the US forced Israel to abandon the militarily crucial Gaza Strip, but that’s another matter.)

So one of the lobbies must be Israel. Is the other one Serbia? If they are paying me, the least they could do is let me know!

So: she loves Israel and she loves Orthodox Serbs – but – Serbia and Israel are paying me to attack Catholicism and undermine America? Which, aside from the fact that I take orders from nobody, which is probably why I am poor as a church mouse, shows that Thompson supporters are so anti-Jewish that even when they know that for the sake of PR they should pretend they love love love Israel, they cannot resist adding that PS – that Israel is an evil, foreign influence on the US. (Along with, I guess, Serbia.) Their hatred of Jews is so intense it is obsessive.

Second, having declared her love for Israel – which, if you check, you will see that other Thompson apologists sneeringly attack throughout this thread – having declared her love for Israel, she neglects to comment on two facts:

A) Marko Perkovic Thompson has admitted - as I proved in a post two up from this one, at - Thompson has admitted that for over a decade he sang two songs celebrating the mass murder of Jews, Serbs and Roma - a million people in all - in Croatia during the Holocaust. In those songs Thompson calls the Croatian death camps "slaughterhouses." Thompson proclaims the Croatian Ustashe are "Butchers." And Thompson declares "I am Ustasha."

B) As I also proved in that comment, two above, at , this week, on his US-Canada tour, Thompson is singing his song (he wrote it, sings it) "E moj narode," ("Alas my people") which incites violent hatred of Jews, repeating the infamous lies of that persistent fabrication, the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion," that Jews use Masons and Communists to destroy Christian society, and calling for the army of the brave, led by a religious figure, to free Christians of this curse. So: Holocaust II. We now have two videos to prove he is singing this song NOW.

And here is Marija, applying the same "Protocols of Zion" lies to me - saying Christians are uniting and Jared Israel (whose last name she loves so much because it recalls that dear place, Israel, although, of course, you know who lives there…) Jared Israel is trying to destroy this Christian unity. So: the malevolent Jew; as usual. And why? For money, of course, a frankly ludicrous idea, but one with a sub-text: after all, why else do Jews do anything?

As for being anti-Catholic: no. I am anti-Fascist. The fight between clerical-fascism and anti-fascism that raged in the 1930s and 1940s was in large measure a fight within Catholicism, and fascism took the lives of millions of Catholics, not only in Poland, which was hardest hit, but also in Spain, Italy, France – after all, most of the anti-fascists who were murdered in that whole period were Christian. It is the people, inside and outside the Catholic church, who are once again pushing Catholics towards clerical-fascism, it is those people who are anti-Catholic, just as the Nazis, who dragged the name 'Germany' through filth and wiped out the cream of German culture (Catholic, Jewish, Protestant or none of the above), were anti-German.

I do have personal reasons for studying and writing against clerical-fascism. First, the clerical-fascists erased my ancestral culture, the Yiddish-speaking Jews, along with its practitioners. Such a wonderful culture it was; what a loss to the whole world; what a terrible crime against all of humanity. Now, museums and silence.

Second, the clerical-fascists warped other cultures with their horrible ideas. Forced children into their horrific mold whether the parents liked it or not.

Third, they are trying to do it again, and I don't want the world turned into a nightmare, again.

My greatest wish is that Catholics - especially Catholics – will denounce this clerical fascism. Many are, and I believe many more will. As for Marija, she is not defending Catholicism. She is defending clerical-fascism.

Never again!

Jared Israel
Member, International Commission on Jasenovac
Editor, Emperor's Clothes


Thompson singing antisemitic song in Cleveland


Below is a Youtube video of Thompson in Cleveland Ohio Nov. 9, singing "Alas my people" ("E moj narode"), title song of two of Thompson's last five albums.

Here are the first two stanzas:

[First two stanzas of "Alas my people" starts here]

Ever since the time of Christ,
New faces but the scene is the same,
The Devil's forces battle to eliminate us

Antichrists and Masons,
Communists of all sorts
Spread Satanic phrases
To defeat us.
Alas, my people. Alas my people.

[First two stanzas of "Alas my people" ends here]

For clerical-fascists, 'antichrists' means Jews. Jews supposedly use Masons and Communists to destroy Christians. The song ends with a call for an army of the brave, with a God-sent leader, to crush Croatia's enemies, apparently meaning the Jews and their dupes. You can read the whole text in translation at

This song is straight from the pages of the "Protocols of Zion," the book whose ideas, providing much of the basis of clerical fascism, past and present, made possible the murder of millions of people - Jews, Slavs, Roma, leftists and others - during World War II.

In the Cleveland concert video below, notice the young child wearing a Ustasha (Croatian clerical-fascist) cap. They are back.


If you have trouble accessing the video above, try viewing it direct at
If the video is removed from Youtube, we will post our copy at


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