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Apologists for Fascism have become the Public 'Voice' of Slobodan Milosevic

This is an attempt to tar the Serbs

by Jared Israel
[Posted 24 August 2004]


- Summary -

During World War Two and throughout the 1990s the Serbian people have stood in the forefront of fighting Fascism. They paid for it dearly, for example losing somewhere around a million civilians to Croatian Nazi death camps during World War II. It is a grotesque irony that when the NATO powers decided to demonize the Serbs, they did so by falsely accusing them of being...'the new Nazis'. Because of the power of the media, a power to communicate facts but also the power to falsify the facts, millions of people in the West were convinced of lies about the Serbs. This provided the justification - the false justification - for NATO's military/economic attack on the Serbs. This is thoroughly documented in Emperor's Clothes. See

The main reason I launched Emperor's Clothes in 1999 was to contribute to exposing lies about Yugoslavia and the Serbs.  In line with that effort, in 2001 I helped form a group devoted to publicity around the Milosevic case - the ICDSM.  It is a nightmare that the ICDSM has been taken over by people publicly associated with Fascism. This is a disaster for the Serbian people. It is the opinion of the editors at Emperor's Clothes that this takeover - which Emperor's Clothes opposed publicly starting in May 2003 - has the purpose of demonizing the Serbs by association.  It is crucial that  Milosevic dissociate himself from these people because any publicity they bring can only serve to further demonize the Serbs.

- Contents -

I. Background - EC articles expose Ramsey Clark, Jacques Verges

II. Pro-Fascist 'help' for Milosevic is a gift for NATO

III. We warn Milosevic of looming disaster again and again and again

IV. This tainted support committee is a threat to the very survival of the Serbian people. It has got to go.

V. Let the facts be known

VI. A taste of fascism, ICDSM style


I. Background - EC articles expose Ramsey Clark, Jacques Verges


In May of 2003, Emperor's Clothes Consulting Editor Nico Varkevisser and I were two of the three leaders of the public information group for Slobodan Milosevic, who is on trial in The Hague. This publicity organization, the International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic, was known by its initials, ICDSM.

At that time Varkevisser and I realized that people associated with Ramsey Clark, the former US Attorney General, and Jacques Verges, the well-known French Attorney, were trying to become the public face of the ICDSM. We knew this would be a disaster.  Seeing that the third ICDSM leader, Vladimir Krsljanin, was organizing the takeover, we went public, producing a series of exposes on Ramsey Clark and Jacques Verges and trying to persuade Slobodan Milosevic to take decisive action.  [1]

In our articles we documented that Clark and Verges were openly linked to Muslim extremists, including terrorists who had butchered Bosnian Serbs; that both these men were linked politically to Nazis (that is, not just as attorneys for Nazi war criminals, which both have been, but as political soul mates of said criminals).

Take for example, Jacques Verges. He was the lawyer for Klaus Barbie, the notorious Nazi Butcher of Lyon, extradited from Bolivia to France in 1983 and finally put on trial in 1987 for crimes against humanity committed when he was head of the Nazi Gestapo in Lyon, France during World War II.

Attorney Jacques Verges was not merely Barbie's lawyer. He conducted the famous 1987 trial as a vicious crusade against Barbie's Jewish victims. For example, one witness had reported that Barbie liked to torture Jewish women by having his Alsatian dogs attack and rape them. In his summation Verges devoted considerable time to mocking the women, saying that no dog would rape a woman unless she got on her hands and knees and put on a porno show to seduce the canine. [1A]

In the mid-1980s, Ramsey Clark made a cause celebre out of defending Baltic Nazi war criminals against deportation, lining up with the antisemitic Right and publicly portraying aging Nazis as victims of Russian Soviet-inspired persecution. [1B]

Regarding the attempted takeover of the ICDSM by these characters, Colin Meade, a British writer who has been active in exposing media lies about Yugoslavia, commented:

"At the Hague, the prosecutors are trying to claim that Mr Milosevic pursued racist and fascist policies. Clearly, claims by Clark or Verges to be leading the defence campaign can only give credence to this absurd amalgam, which they personally embody, and is thus harmful for the defence." [1C]

To which I can only add: harmful not only to the defense of Mr. Milosevic, but to the defense of the entire Serbian people against the calumny that they are the heirs to Hitler. This is a vicious slur for two reasons.  First, because in World War II the Serbs defied the Nazis and defended Jewish citizens with their lives.  And second, because the Croatian Nazis, the Ustashe, slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Serbs with a brutality comparable to the German Nazi attempt to wipe out the Polish Jews.

We took this issue to Slobodan Milosevic. We warned him that Clark and Verges were publicly "defending" him by comparing him to people like Klaus Barbie, Saddam Hussein and Sheikh Rahman, that a takeover of the Milosevic publicity committee by the Clark-Verges forces would be an unmitigated disaster. As Nico Varkevisser said, and I quote:

"I told him [Mr. Milosevic] ….that Ramsey Clark is putting him in a row with the most horrible criminals of the world, and Verges is doing the same thing. And I told him that if that is the image of you, that you are like Carlos the Jackal and the Butcher of Lyon and Sheikh Rahman...well, you're fighting a lost case in the public opinion." [2]

We did not succeed in preventing the Clark-Verges takeover. In August, a few months after we launched our public campaign to warn people of the imminent danger, Varkevisser and I were expelled from the ICDSM  for criticizing Clark and Verges. Before and after the expulsion, Varkevisser and then I kept in touch with  Mr. Milosevic, who I believed - and still believe - could correct this truly disastrous turn of events. 


II. Pro-Fascist 'help' for Mr. Milosevic is a gift for NATO


The Milosevic case is not just "Mr. Milosevic's case".  It is not just the trial of one man.  What is at issue is the truth or falsity of the whole Western media campaign blaming the Serbian people for the Yugoslav wars. 

How did the Western powers justify their support for the worst forces in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo, people who were literally the descendents of World War Two Yugoslav Nazis? They justified this support with the lie that the Serbs are themselves supposedly a reincarnation of the Nazis.  To the extent that  Mr. Milosevic is identified in the public mind with Clark, Verges et al - that is, with apologists for Muslim extremism, Holocaust denial and Nazi war criminals - then regardless of what Mr. Milosevic or anyone else might say in the Hague proceedings, the effect is to falsely 'confirm' the media's portrayal of the Serbs as supposed Nazis.

NATO's case against Mr. Milosevic is pitifully weak because it is based on lies. So what a gift for NATO if they can win the main point - their false claim that Mr. Milosevic is a Nazi - by having Clark and Verges champion him! Such "support" is the worst attack; for NATO, a gift too good to be true.  In this regard, it is noteworthy that Clark and Verges have obvious links to US intelligence. We have already documented this in material given directly to  Mr. Milosevic and we will document it for the public. We told Mr. Milosevic that the takeover of the Milosevic support group smacks of 'black ops': a US/European intelligence effort aimed at slandering the Serbs by creating the impression of a supposed association with apologists for Nazism.


III. We warn Mr. Milosevic of looming disaster... again and again and again


During the spring and summer of 2003, Nico Varkevisser discussed these points with  Mr. Milosevic for many hours on the phone and in person, during meetings in the jail where Mr. Milosevic is held.

During 2004, I have spoken to  Mr. Milosevic seven times on the phone, lengthy conversations, lasting as long as two hours. I also spoke and corresponded with two of Mr. Milosevic's Yugoslav attorneys. I put together several fact-rich study packages for  Mr. Milosevic, including over a hundred pages of evidence that Ramsey Clark and Jacques Verges and their cohorts are tied to Muslim terrorism, Nazism and US intelligence, all thoroughly documented from the public record.  These documents were hand-delivered to  Mr. Milosevic by Nico Varkevisser or sent to him through his legal assistants.  I have also done research work for  Mr. Milosevic's defense case this spring at  Mr. Milosevic's personal request.

In May 2003,  Mr. Milosevic seemed to react positively to our warnings. He approved removing Ramsey Clark from his perch as honorary co-chairman of the Milosevic publicity group, the ICDSM.  He also made the  following points, repeatedly:

1) that he took our warnings most seriously,

2) that he was horrified by efforts to link him to Muslim extremism and antisemitism and would have trouble sleeping after our warnings about "hidden political bombs",

3) that we should just wait a little longer and he would take definitive action;  or, that we should just wait until some future meeting with him when things would be made clearer, after which he would take definitive action.

We also got reassurances from  Mr. Milosevic and certain associates that various actions had been taken. For example Mr. Milosevic claimed a few weeks ago that Ramsey Clark no longer had anything to do with the Milosevic support committee. Despite that,  Clark subsequently held a press conference for the committee in New York.

This pattern, in which one is encouraged to feel that important changes may be just around the corner inhibits public action; but eventually one must take stock.

Here is my assessment:

The worst has happened. Ramsey Clark is once again co-chairman of Mr. Milosevic's support group, the ICDSM. Indeed, he was reinstalled many months ago.

The ICDSM now openly flaunts its ties to Clark's International Action Center (IAC), widely accused of antisemitism and known for supporting the ghoulish Egyptian terrorist group, Gama'a al-Islamyya. (Among other things.) [2A]

Both Clark and Jacques Verges have held ICDSM press conferences this year "defending" Mr. Milosevic and these men are routinely described in the media as leaders of the Milosevic support work. This means that for most ordinary people, it is Clark and Verges, with all their hideous baggage, who *are* the Milosevic "support" work.

The ICDSM has now reached the point where it distributes blatantly pro-fascist materials, alongside regular Milosevic support stuff.


IV. This tainted support committee is a threat to the very survival of the Serbian people. It has got to go.


In light of these developments, and with the so-called trial scheduled to resume in a week, we at Emperor's Clothes fear a public relations catastrophe for the Serbian people.  Indeed, Mr. Milosevic's seeming relationship with Jacques Verges and Ramsey Clark and their allies has *already* been a catastrophe *for the Serbian people*! We hope that by bringing these matters to the attention of thousands of readers of Emperor's Clothes, we will generate public pressure for Mr. Milosevic to act in the true interests of his people and end this involvement with apologists for fascism and Muslim extremism. Because the Milosevic publicity committee, ICDSM, is now perceived - and correctly perceived - as a Clark-Verges committee, it must be dissolved and a new publicity group, free of association with Nazism and Muslim extremism, put in its place.

Here is why I say "public relations disaster".

The danger for the Serbian people is not simply that they will be disliked. Rather, the false public perception that the Serbs are linked to fascism can be used:

A) To justify permanently stripping Serbia of its Kosovo province from which 300,000 people, mostly Serbs, have already been driven with NATO-UN approval [3];

B) To saddle Serbia with billions of dollars in phony war reparations to the Croatian and Islamist Bosnian regimes and perhaps even to the secessionist government which NATO installed in Kosovo!

C) To seemingly justify the destruction of the Bosnian Serb republic, a goal which the so-called High Commissioner in Bosnia, Paddy Ashdown, is now pursuing [4] and

D) To seemingly justify the arrest of many more Serbian leaders under the fabricated charge that they are war criminals.


V. Let the facts be known


In the coming days Emperor's Clothes will document that the ICDSM is now blighted by association with fascism.

Much of this evidence has already been given to  Mr. Milosevic.

We will prove that Ramsey Clark is guilty of major political crimes:

* As Attorney General, Clark prevented the proper investigation of the murder of Martin Luther King, ordering instead a mock "investigation" led by the man whom Clark knew was the main suspect - the FBI's J. Edgar Hoover;

* Working as a representative of the US State Department during the Brzezinski period, Clark helped bring the Ayatollah Khomeini to power in Iran;

* Before forming the International Action Center (IAC) Clark was not only an apologist for Nazi war criminals (as already documented on EC) but was also linked to Lyndon LaRouche's ultra-right wing antisemites. [5]

* Since forming the IAC, Clark has embraced "revolutionary Islam" as the best hope for the poor. He went to Egypt where he lent his stature - as former US Attorney General - to the most sadistic Muslim terrorists.

Don't the Serbs have enough problems without being saddled with this awful man?

We will show that Clark and his European ally, Michel Colon, have actively tried to divide Serbs by "defending" Mr. Milosevic while in the same breath condemning Mr. Milosevic's sometime opponent, Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, falsely calling him a war criminal (Clark) or even a Nazi (Colon).

We will show that prior to the trial of Klaus Barbie, Jacques Verges played perhaps the central part in diverting public attention from the CIA's decades-long employment of this notorious Nazi. Verges conducted his pre-trial defense of Barbie and the trial itself in an orgy of grotesque antisemitism. 


VI. A taste of fascism, ICDSM style


To conclude this first shot, let me offer a particularly vivid example of how the Milosevic publicity group now works to supply the media with material which can be used - easily used! - to link the Serbs to fascism and Muslim extremism.

Consider the article "Three on a Genocide," written by one Mick Collins. This article is being distributed by the ICDSM. In case that doesn't sufficiently link Collins to the ICDSM, in the article Collins claims that in the past he was "working for" the ICDSM.  To the best of my knowledge this is untrue, and my knowledge is pretty good because I used to be the main writer/editor for the ICDSM, so I imagine I'd have known if Collins, who depicts himself as a writer, worked for it.

Be that as it may, without providing a shred of evidence, Collins claims in this article that the Islamist leaders of northern Sudan have been falsely accused of genocide just like - says Collins - the Serbs. Collins is somewhat incoherent, so I have excerpted the key points from his text:   [6]

[The quote from Collins starts here]

…all these fat shit-house rats are now scurrying around Darfur in Southern Sudan, where they claim the Islamic government has killed and raped (though not necessarily in that order) 30,000 of their own non-Muslim, mostly Christian and traditional African, citizens…

         Now, I remember running up against a lot of these 'expert' folks, a lot of these very same organizations, while working for the International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic [ICDSM].


The Sudanese government has  been on the West's hit list for as long as Yugoslavia or Rwanda.  They had their main pharmaceutical plant mistaken for a WsMD [Weapons of Mass Destruction] factory and terror-bombed by Bill Clinton just like Kosovo (Serbia) and Bosnia... and they had a US-backed and Israeli-trained 'rebel army' in the South, the Sudanese People's Liberation Army—just like the KLA, the Bosnian mujahadeen or the RPF.

[The quote from Collins ends here]

Collins provides zero evidence that the charges against the Sudanese government leaders (that they have committed genocide against blacks in the south) are false. Instead he offers bombast and vulgarity. I'll make my refutation short.

First, while it is true that the US has had stormy relations with the Sudanese government - most notably the bombing of a medical plant in 1998 - it is also true that during the early 1990s Sudan played an important role in the NATO attack on the Serbs. Sudan permitted Islamist groups to run terrorist training camps in Sudan; from these camps Muslim terrorists were dispatched to Bosnia, where they fought the Serbs. [7]

Secondly, since Sudan has a history of involvement in the genocidal use of Muslim terrorists, it should come as no surprise that the Sudanese government is accused of a racist campaign of genocide against its southern and western black populations. Everything I have read leads me to conclude that the charges against the Northern Sudanese leaders, mainly raised by black groups, are true.  Indeed I think those charges have been downplayed, including by the media and particularly by the US government.

Third, the fact that the US may have imperial aims regarding Sudan - indeed, throughout the world - does *not* mean that the recent and relatively tame media exposure of Sudan is untrue. (By the same token, Saddam Hussein was and is a fascist *even though* it's also true that the US invaded Iraq.  Just because the US government attacks someone, it doesn't mean he's *not* bad!)

Fourth, Collins' tries to tar the black resistance in Sudan by comparing them to the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). This is outrageous. Kosovo Albanians were for hundreds of years linked to the Ottoman Empire, the main oppressor in the Balkans. The root of Kosovo Albanian fascism lies in resentment at the perceived insult of being citizens of a Serbia that many Albanians detest as *supposedly* inferior - in other words, many Albanians are infected with racism; Serbs are sometimes called 'the black people of the Balkans.'

But in the case of the Sudan, it is precisely the Arabized north that has victimized the black population in the south and west of Sudan.  So if the Kosovo Liberation Army terrorists resemble any group in Sudan, it is the Arab raiding parties that are sent by the Sudanese government to enslave black civilians.

And now, fifth, here is the main point: the Sudanese government disgusts millions of people, but Collins glibly connects them to the Serbs. And then, by claiming both Sudan *and* the Serbs are innocent, he communicates to readers that the Serbs must be guilty.

Just in case this bit of demonization is not sufficient, Collins adds a twist. At the end of his article he sarcastically warns readers against challenging the supposed lies about Sudan and the real lies about Serbia: [6]

[Quote from Collins starts here]

But don't try to catch up too fast on what these Humanitarian Genocide 'experts' are going on about. Unless, that is, you're prepared to get tagged, along with Milosevic and Ndindiliyimana—and a bunch of the rest of us hope fiends—as Neo-Stalinists, Hysterical Revisionists and Anti-Semite Holocaust Deniers.   You just won't get invited back to those parties.

[Quote from Collins ends here]

The fact is, while the Sudanese Islamists are most definitely antisemites, the Serbs are *not* accused of being "Antisemite [sic!] Holocaust deniers."  By first telling readers the lie that the Sudanese government has been slandered just like the Serbs and then suggesting that if one defends either one (the Sudanese government or Mr. Milosevic) one will be accused of Holocaust denial, Collins creates the false impression in the reader's mind that the Serbs have a history of antisemitism and that Mr. Milosevic is an antisemite.

In fact it is  Collins, not the Serbs, who is associated with antisemitism, or perhaps I should say he is an apologist for Nazism.  In another article, in which Collins attacked people who accused Saddam Hussein of war crimes, he went out of his way to ridicule those who have documented the crimes and disastrous legacy of Hajj Amin al Husseini: [8]

[Quote from Collins starts here]

It's a favorite rationale of most of those quasi-literate victims of Huntington's who believe since the Mufti of Jerusalem visited Hitler in '33, the Palestinians are Nazi-symps and all Arabs in general are Islamo-fascists who want nothing quite so much as  to bring terror, death and destruction to the Judeo-Christian West.

[Quote from Collins ends here]

For readers who may be unfamiliar with Hajj Amin al Husseini, he led the (Palestinian) Arab Higher Committee, whose members organized Arafat's organization, Fatah. Arafat boasted that he had been Hajj Amin's foot soldier. During World War II Hajj Amin was in charge of organizing Arabs for Nazi Germany, where he was a driving force behind the Holocaust.  Indeed, he was personally involved, together with Bosnian Muslim leader Alija Izetbegovic, in organizing Bosnian Islamists into the Waffen SS which hunted down Serbs, Jews and 'Gypsies' in the Balkans and then fought for the Nazis in Stalingrad. [9]

Collins glibly dismisses the significance of Hajj Amin's World War II (not, by the way, 1933!) work for Hitler, also glibly dismissing the very serious problem that Arab society is currently awash in antisemitic propaganda. [10]

With supposed "friends" like Jacques Verges, Ramsey Clark and Mick Collins the Serbs do not need enemies.

Jared Israel, Editor

[Footnotes and Further Reading follows the fundraising appeal]


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