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Doha, Qatar

12 November 2000


In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

"Nay, We hurl the Truth against Falsehood, and it knocks out its brain, and behold, Falsehood does perish."

(The Holy Quran, XXI, 18)


Brother Members of the Islamic Conference,

Brother Muslims,

Peace be upon you, and Allah's Mercy and Blessings!

When the honour of responsibility among our loyal, free, striving and honest people, the people of principles and high peaks, rested upon us, we used to believe at one time that stating self-evident truths or even citing detailed quotations to express an opinion were unnecessary when addressing high level people. But we were shocked to discover that that belief was erroneous. The discovery came as a result of previous experiences, including our experiences in summit conferences under titles different from or similar to this summit conference. Therefore, we find that the necessity imposed by the nature of the circumstance and the description of the situation dictates that we explain in some detail what our peoples regard as truisms. We will base the needed explanations on the fundamentals of our Faith as Muslims, without burdening the judicious among you who have attained the highest awareness and culture. Our excuse in this is that we have found through practical experience that what our peoples regard as truisms explained by their faith in the True Muslim Religion and its sublime and constant values, and what is regarded in their minds as decisive in accordance with the principles of the Great Faith, are not regarded so by some of the rulers. This is still a worry in the heart, mind and conscience of many a ruler.

When our peoples used to measure responsibility and its requirements against the examples set by the great models of the Ummah who took charge of government from the early period of the Islamic Message to later stages of time during its subsequent great march, they imagined, until a period before our present period, that the higher the title of responsibility was, the firmer, purer and deeper rooted faith was in the hearts. Perhaps, our peoples based that conception on what they knew and what they read about the deeds and faith of Omar b. Al-Khattab, Abu Bakr As-Siddiq, Ali b. Abi Talib, Uthman b. Affan (may Allah be pleased with them all!) and others who assumed responsibility after them and performed acts of justice and guidance, combated falsehood and supported right without fearing reproach, while standing by the precepts of the Great Faith, and without yielding to any haughty, stubborn and reckless tyrant.

We, brothers, are from Iraq-- your country, the country of all Arabs and Muslims. We are from Iraq, which shouldered the honour and responsibility for the Armies of Victory to the countries of the East and wherever the Holy Quran reached to strengthen the believers and consolidate faith in the hearts of those who needed it and in the hearts of all human beings who needed and still need it. Allah has honoured the significance of the Holy Quran by making it His Great Sacred Word to guide mankind to the right path under its light.

We, brothers, are from your Baghdad-- Baghdad of all Arabs and Muslims. We are from Baghdad which was and still is the beacon of science and the receptacle which dispenses religion in accordance with its viable rule of application. It was also the receptacle which dispensed the rules of government throughout the countries of the Muslims for a long time. It served as model for faith and radiated it east and west for centuries and centuries until Allah decreed what He decreed in His wisdom or until Man desired things to be different from what they were. Therefore, we cannot but cling to those sublime meanings, not only as an expression of what we know of the place of the Arab nation amidst its Islamic Ummah, being the heart which beats with meanings of faith in the breast of every ardent Muslim, but also in remembrance of responsibility and in fealty to that role of Baghdad and what rests upon those who lead Baghdad honourably. We will exert ourselves to achieve what we believe will bring us nearer to the true pulse of the ardent Muslim Street, and raise us to a level that will win for us the satisfaction of Allah and the history of our great Ummah.

Therefore, we see that jihad is an "Individual Duty" prescribed to us as it is prescribed to every faithful and ardent Muslim to liberate, from the accursed and defiled Jews, usurped Palestine from the River to the Sea, together with its Crown, al-Quds, the third of the central sanctuaries of Muslims, besides Mecca and the Shrine of Allah's Messenger, Mohammed b. Abdullah (Allah's blessing and peace be upon him).

It is the right of every faithful Muslim not only to call into question the eligibility for responsibility, under any title, of anyone who does not believe in this, but also, to call into question even the meaning, the level and the depth of his faith in Islam. It is undeniable that the responsibility for this, in the first place, falls on the Arabs before it falls on others. The Arabs bear twofold responsibility for any weakness, abandonment or hesitation among their lines. Fourteen centuries ago, Allah honored them by choosing the Apostle of Mercy from amongst them and entrusted them with the honour of the Banner of Islam and its swords, and made them the essential bearers of the Call to humanity at large.

We say this and put ourselves and our offspring in the forefront of the faithful people of great Iraq to bear the honour of responsibility on the road of the complete liberation of Palestine and its Crown, al-Quds, as from now. We had set this responsibility on ourselves even before now. In 1973, we played our responsible role on the Syrian and Egyptian fronts facing the Zionist entity. We fought out of duty not out of favouring or doing favour to anyone. We did it in accordance with what Allah desired and the chances made available for our fight. At that time, even before that time, Iraq, side by side with its sisterly states, did what it did according to its capability and its circumstance, which were part of the capabilities and circumstances of the Arabs then. When in 1973, we responded to the call of duty and honour and went, with great faith, to the land of Syria and the land of Egypt, we did not say that the land of Iraq was not under occupation or that the liberation of what was occupied of the land of Egypt and Syria was the responsibility of the Egyptians and the Syrians alone. And when, before that, we mobilized our army in defence of sisterly Jordan, we did not say that it was the responsibility of the Jordanians alone. We did that and we are still doing it or rather, we do it now with more faith and more capability with which Allah has honoured the people of Iraq. We did it and we will do what will rest upon us of the honour of responsibility to liberate Palestine as part of our duty according to our belief. We know that the land of Syria would not have been occupied, and the land of Egypt too at that time, had they not believed then in what we believe in and talk to you about now. Therefore, we say: No true believer is exempted from jihad according to its religious description, and no true ardent Arab, within his nation and his Ummah, is exempted from his role in liberating Palestine and its Crown, al-Quds. We, or rather some of us, are able to do this if we will it, after believing in Allah and trusting in Him, glorified be His Name.


If each of the rulers of the Ummah, including ourselves, be true to himself and ask what his people want down deep in what they think of and believe in as an expression of their religious responsibility, he will answer, without hesitation or beating around the bush, that his people want to liberate Palestine and the Crown of Faith on its head, the sacred Quds, and that they believe in jihad as the only road leading to liberation.

As ruler of my country, I deeply meditated the question put by my conscience andanswered by my reason: What do the people of Iraq want? Even before this and together with this, I amyself: Which measure will respond to the principles I have always believed in and have a natural disposition for? My answer was and still is and will remain as long as I live: The liberation of Palestine, through sacred jihad, from the River to the Sea, together with the Crown on its head, the sacred Quds. The voice of the people of Iraq and its free, faithful and striving leadership, has been taking this meaning and this direction, thundering loudly, filling earth with enthusiasm, expressing it through male and female volunteers whose number, up to the date of this message, reached 4,229,671 male volunteers and 1,744,655 female volunteers.

My brothers and I in the leadership saw, as did those of you who cared to see, and we heard with those who heard the voice of the Faithful Ummah, the voice of right, on the television screens. We saw how the heroes of Palestine, including its faithful youth and even its children and women, face with nothing but stones the aircraft, missiles and tanks of the evildoers. Are we going to do what they are doing? Are we going to give them the support which satisfies Allah to promote our self-esteem and the self-esteem of all believers?

The sons of our Islamic Ummah are still waiting for a decisive answer and for a stand, far away from any stand that will do wrong to the Ummah, if it comes feeble or ineffective, a stand that will put an end to aggression and liberate the land of Palestine and its sanctuaries, a stand supported by a voice thundering in the ears of evildoers and the aggressors:

Sin be upon him who bears its burden!

And Allah is the Greatest!


In order to familiarize you with one aspect of the background to the position Iraq is assuming in modern times, it will not be out of place to remind brother Muslims that Iraq has had no truce agreement with the Zionist entity, in accordance with what the international bodies wanted in the year 1948, and was agreed on by those who agreed on it. It was on this basis that the Zionist entity relied when it attacked the Tammuz Nuclear Reactor in the year 1981. It is only natural to say that Iraq has taken part in all attempts at liberation carried out by the Arab against the Zionist entity.

Some may say: what facilitates it for Iraq to take this stand is the fact that it is not contiguous to the Zionist entity. If a situation like this does not make it necessary for the rulers to chain their peoples with ties that are rejected by the Arab masses and the Muslim masses, then what is the excuse, or what are the necessities on which rely rulers from the edge of the Arabian Gulf or from the Arab Maghrib or other countries whose peoples are Muslims and which are far away from the Zionist entity? What is the benefit accrued to their peoples from normalizing relations with the defiled Jews? What is the necessity which made the rulers concerned resort to this save submission to the U.S desire and obedience to its commands at the expense of everything that is sublime in meanings, principles and faithful feelings? Is it not the minimum of what every true believer should do to dismiss any sort of relation with this accursed entity, and do the same with any State that supports the Zionist entity at the expense of Palestine and its people, and at the expense of the feelings of the Arab and Muslim masses?

Brother Muslims,

I have said my say and stated the position of my country, for which my brothers and I in the leadership are constitutionally responsible. In this, I have not expressed my own and the leadership's position only, but also the position of the heroic, faithful and striving people of Iraq together with its valiant armed forces. If anyone of you finds that putting the call for jihad into an honest and an accurate practice is impossible in the field of mobilizing armies, Iraq puts it before you that it is ready to take its own part and the part of anyone who cannot take his part in the liberation of Palestine through fighting. Those who are concerned will only have to render a true, sincere and jihadic help in the preparation of the requirements that will render this decision actual and competent through the will of the Iraqis, after trusting in God, and the will of the faithful Arabs and Muslims who may join them in liberating Palestine: each according to his capabilities and resources, according to their religiously determined proportions.

Will you do this?

I know that some of you are torn by the desire and the determination of their peoples on jihad, to fight the enemies of Islam and humanity, the criminal Zionists and their ally, the administration of evil in the "Black House", or in what creeps out from holes in the West which are full of poisonous scorpions which have been stinging Muslims throughout a history which extends for over a thousand years.

We know that some of you are torn between the desire of their peoples and the desire of the U.S and Zionism. But it is high time that we side with Allah without hesitation and without looking for any mantle but His mantle, glorified be His Name, and be in the forefront of those who represent the will of the faithful, but aggrieved, people who stand by right.

Let us all be on the path of dignity, and all will see and experience how your peoples will carry you in their hearts and will turn their chests into shields to protect you before they carry you on their shoulders and on their heads. Otherwise, many will find that those who though that the U.S was their ally were mistaken for it will abandon them and leave them face to face with their peoples to meet their fate, after their souls have deviated from the path which gives satisfaction to Allah and to His Messenger: "And soon will the unjust assailants know what vicissitudes their affairs will take." (The Holy Quran, XXVI. 227) "And fear the Day when you shall be brought back to Allah. Then shall every soul be paid what it earned, and none shall be dealt with unjustly." (The Holy Quran, II. 281)

And to the Arabs who are concerned with the situation and to those who have a direct geographical contiguity with the land of Palestine and to the Arabs and other Muslims who are serious in their stand and readiness to confront the Zionist entity with a firm stand of right, we say that the last Arab Summit did not arrive at what specifies the roles clearly because of the divergence in stands or because of the lack of desire to take a clear stand that may define the stages on the road to jihad. They have marked the limitations of their stand, a stand which does not provide the serious protection to the people of Palestine. Even after their Final Declaration, the Zionist enemy went on slaughtering the youth and the children of Palestine, insulting the women and profaning sanctuaries after captivating them. No one can guarantee the limits to which the Zionist entity may extend, and what surprises it hides befitting the path of crime it is following, whether inside Palestine or in the neighbouring Arab lands and countries. It goes without saying that one front is capable of surprising others in the stands it takes, and it can throw states and other fronts of different opinions and stands into confusion if it wants to. To arrive at a unified stand, or stands, to meet the minimum requirements of what goes on in the hearts of the peoples of many states, it requires a profound dialogue and serious coordination to study what is needed to face what is actual and tangible, or to study what is feasible in the light of possibilities and expectations. Overlooking this fact gives the enemy the better opportunity to use surprise for its own benefit-- at least for a while at the starting point.

Therefore, we call for a serious dialogue between the Arabs concerned and the Muslims who will join them, and call for getting ready to prepare what is needed for the confrontation, whether on the basis of what we want, or on the basis of confronting what the enemy wants and plans, or is planning, to do. Otherwise, those who show any hesitation wibear its burden before Allah and the people.

It is or duty to say our say as the Ummaid commander and poet, Nasr b. Sayyar saidin his message to Marwan, the last of the Ummaid kings:

I see through the ashes a gleam of ember,

It is about to flare and blaze;

I say in wonder: would that I knew,

Whether the Ummaids are awake or in slumber!?

May Allah uphold our intentions!


We can interact through constructive dialogue so that each of us supports the other on the path of right, virtue and honourable jihad which will consolidate the believers and shame the unbelievers.

When you set your minds on liberation, we will say our say up to the minutest details in all the fields of jihad: military, political, cultural, informational, economic and financial. We have set the role of each of our countries, the role of each of the rulers and men of high posts in these countries and what we believe to be the necessary role of our peoples and armies. Let every step we take be part of and leading towards the objective of liberation. It may help you and clarify the image to you and also ease the burden of listening for a longer time to this message, to refer to our Message to the Kings and Heads of States and Governments in the Arab Summit Conference held in Cairo, October 21-22, 2000.

Allah is the Greatest!

Long live Palestine, free and lofty, from the River to the Sea!

Allah is the Greatest!

May Allah, Glorified be His Name, shame those who live in the "Black House" in Washington, the allies of Zionism and the enemies of the Arabs and Muslims!

Allah is the Greatest!

Long live our glorious Ummah!

Mercy and the Highest Heaven for the martyrs of our Ummah!

Allah is the Greatest!

Allah is the Greatest!

Let the debased be despised!





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