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Hezbollah's TV Station, Al Manar, Broadcasts Medieval Antisemitic Hate Stories 
by Jared Israel
Editor, Emperorís Clothes

[27 July 2006]

This is part of a several-part series, now being prepared, on Hezbollah's antisemitism.  In my article, "A Multinational Force is Deadly for Israel," just published on the Arutz-Sheva website, I wrote that Hezbollah combined:

 "...Islamic fanaticism with a modern anti-Semitic ideology derived from the Catholic Church and Nazism, with a media which spreads that ideology worldwide..."

This is not hyperbole, as evinced by the broadcasting by Al Manar, Hezbollah's worldwide TV station, of a dramatized version of the 'blood libel,' which has been spread by the Catholic Church for a thousand years.

-- Jared Israel
Emperor's Clothes


The streaming video you are about to watch (or you can read our transcript, below) portrays an old horror story - the so-called blood libel. The streaming video was made available by the media watchdog group, Palestinian Media Watch or PMW.  PMW does what the Western media should do; it monitors the Arab mediaís incessant broadcasting of anti-Jewish hate propaganda, which portrays dying as the highest good, as long as one dies killing Jews.

You can subscribe to PMW's email newsletter at

Al Manar is the same TV station that invented the lie that 4000 Jews stayed home from the World Trade Center buildings on 911.

Here is what PMW wrote about Al Manarís blood libel TV program.

[Comments by PMW start here]

"The Diaspora" [Al-Shatat], is a Syrian produced series aired on Al-Manar, Hizbollah TV, nightly at 9:30. The series covers the period of the Zionist movement, and is based on the traditional anti-Semitic libels found in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Zionist Jews are said to rule the world with sophisticated plots, among them causing the Communist revolution in Russia, directing World War One and more. The Jews are described as greedy and bloodthirsty, interested only in power, and world domination from the Land of Israel,  called "Palestine".

The attached video-clip is taken from episode 20, Nov. 18, 2003. The Jewish leadership initiates the murder of a Christian boy to drain his blood for Passover Matzah, which is then eaten on Passover.Ē

 [Comments by PMW end here]

Based on the style of production, I'd guess the likely target audience for this series is children. The blood libel has been used to terrify/indoctrinate children with antisemitism for hundreds of years. For example, check out this 17th century painting:

You can access the Windows Media video clip at

Here is the transcript:

[Al Manar transcript starts here]

Title: Jews take blood from Christian child for Passover matzo.

Scene I: Two men talking.

Rabbi (speaking to a young man seated next to him) : We have a task from the leadership. We need the blood of a Christian child before Passover for matzo.

Scene II: Dimly lit hallway.  Rabbi with young  man behind him.  A third man enters dragging a child.

Christian child: Nathan save me!

Nathan: Don't be afraid.

Rabbi nods to the young man who nods to Nathan.  Nathan forces the child down onto the floor and cuts his throat.  Someone catches the blood in a bowl.

Scene III: Rabbi and young man standing, eating matzo.  While chewing they nod to one another as if to say, "We have done what we need to do. Now we have our reward."

[Al Manar transcript ends here]

-- Jared Israel
Editor, Emperor's Clothes


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 Footnotes and Further Reading


For the past hundred years, the so-called "Protocols of Zion" has been one of the main texts used to indoctrinate people with antisemitic ideas. It was exposed as a hoax in a series of articles by Philip Graves in the London Times in 1921.  We have scanned the original Times articles and transcribed them for easy reading.  For links to these documents, please go to

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